1000kg/h Carbonization Furnace Plant Was Shipped to Congo

Congolese customers ordered a continuous carbonization furnace and charcoal grinder with an output of 800-1000kg/h from our charcoal machine factory for the production and sale of barbecue charcoal. The Congolese customer has inspected the charcoal processing project for nearly half a year and finally decided to purchase carbonization equipment to produce barbecue charcoal. He said that his local barbecue charcoal is in great demand, and he believes that his investment decision is correct, and he will surely create great benefits for himself.

How to make barbecue charcoal in Congo?

At present, the Congolese charcoal production still uses a more traditional method, that is, charcoal kilns are used to carbonize various types of wood and logs. Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of charcoal equipment, the production of charcoal can be carried out with a dedicated carbonization furnace. Considering the low production efficiency of traditional charcoal processing methods and high labor costs, the Congolese customer decided to try to import charcoal machines to produce charcoal.

Why choose the continuous carbonization furnace to Congo?

The Congolese customer understood the difference between different types of carbonization furnaces when consulting us because after consulting him for more information, we recommended continuous carbonization furnaces to him. Why do we recommend a continuous carbonization machine to him?

This is mainly determined by the customer’s raw materials. The customer stated that the raw materials used to produce charcoal are mixed, but mainly agricultural waste such as rice husks, wood chips, and peanut husks. The main feature of the customer’s raw materials is that they are small in size, so there is no need to use a grinder for processing.






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