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2019 HOW TO MAKE CHARCOAL briquettes with large scale by an automatic way?

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The whole set of charcoal machines in the charcoal production line can realize the automatic production of charcoal and can produce charcoal with large capacity. In order to let more friends know who to make charcoal, we made this 3D video of charcoal making machines to show the wonderful production process in a more intuitive way. 

The whole charcoal production line mainly includes four most needed machines: crusher, dryer, briquette making machine, and carbonization furnace and other corollary equipment for good production effects. As for the crusher, we can provide different crushing machines according to different raw materials like coconut shell, wood chips, sawdust, rice hulls, weeds and shells, straw. And for the dryer machine, we mainly have two different types: airflow dryer machine and rotary dryer machine. We can also customize the size of the dryer according to customers’ requirements for the production output. There are also all kinds of charcoal briquette machine in our factory that can produce high-quality PINI-kay. For carbonization process, we can provide a variety of carbonization furnace like continuous carbonization furnace, airflow carbonization furnace and hoisting carbonization furnace and so on, and each kind of them can fit different production requirements.

With the process which includes high temperature pyrolysis, volatile gas, sulfur emission, carbon enrichment of garbage disposal technology, We can use these charcoal machines to get high profits charcoal. We can also supply honeycomb coal press machine, coal or charcoal ball press machine, and shisha charcoal briquette machine to meet your requirements.

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