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Airflow dryer machine for charcoal production line

Airflow dryer machine is to let the wet raw material and high-temperature air-flow mixed, and finally through the separator to separate the water from the raw material. Airflow dryer machine is widely used in food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, and other industries. Airflow dryer machine working process: after the material is added to the dryer, it is flipped in the pipe. The material is evenly dispersed in the dryer and in full contact with hot air to accelerate the drying speed. In the drying process, under the action of hot gas, the material is discharged from the dust collector at the end of the dryer after drying. The working principle of airflow dryer machine is to send granular wet materials into the hot gas flow, and flow with it, so as to get granular dry products,  has a good effect on reducing environmental pollution.

Airflow dryer machine
Airflow dryer machine
dryer machine

Airflow dryer machine is a continuous, rapid solid fluidization drying equipment, loose granular materials suspending in hot air, and going instantaneous moisture removal in the process, which is suitable to dry granular material with particle size ranging from 5 microns to 0.5mm. The high-temperature hot gas flow in the airflow dryer machine in the drying tube with high-speed, the residence time is very limited, therefore, generally only applicable to the material surface moisture evaporation constant speed drying process. Practice shows that granular materials can be dried in the air drying pipe, and the final moisture content is 0.3%~0.5% of the product.

Airflow dryer machine is widely used in feed, mining, medicine, light industry, and charcoal production industries, and often used in a variety of industrial production lines. In the charcoal production line, the air dryer machine is mainly used behind the crusher after the material is crushed, the granular wet material is quickly dried into the required granular dry products. After that, the materials are transported by screw feeding machine to sawdust briquette machine and carbonization furnace, to further charcoal production.

Technical parameters of airflow dryer machine

Model Motor power Output Weight Feed


350 7.5kw 180-300kg/h 1.5T ≤5mm 15.0*2.6*3.8m
400 15kw 700-900kg/h 2.5T ≤5mm 16.0*2.6*4.0m

Features of the airflow drying machine

  1. Drying raw materials: rice husk, sawdust, shavings, branches, wood chips, and other granular raw materials after grinding (diameter less than 3mm, length less than 5mm).
  2. The production efficiency: hot air is 180 ℃, relative humidity of 35% of sawdust or rice husk dry to the relative humidity is 10%, the hot air temperature is not lower than 180 ℃, the discharging mouth temperature of 40-50 ℃.
  3. Fuel options: wood (wood), coal, steam or electric heating.
  4. High drying intensity and low equipment investment. Airflow drying machine of large processing, water evaporation capacity, with small size and less investment, is incomparable to other drying machines.
  5. High degree of automation and good product quality. During the drying process, the material is completely carried out in the pipeline, and the drying time is very short (only 2-10 seconds). During this period, the heat is mainly used for water evaporation, and the temperature of the material itself does not rise much, so the temperature has little influence on the product. Therefore, the product does not contact with the outside world, can be small pollution and good quality.
  6. Complete equipment supply and heat source are optional. Users can configure corresponding equipment according to material conditions and process requirements.
  7. As for the selection of heating mode, due to the great adaptability of airflow drying machine, users can choose electric heating, steam heating, heat conduction oil heating, coal burning hot air furnace, gas hot air furnace, steam + electric heating and other combined forms according to the conditions of the location of the equipment.
  8. The basic airflow dryer machine is suitable for loose, small viscosity granular materials, the materials with big viscosity need to be equipped with other corresponding devices.
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