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How to reuse waste wood to make money?

Green and environmental protection is a development concept that is generally promoted internationally. Protecting ecology and recycling wood resources is a way to develop a recyclable economy. Moreover, using wood shredders and wood shaving machines to process and reuse waste wood can also bring you wealth.

What can we do to reuse the waste wood?

Waste wood is one of the important renewable resources. The recycling of waste wood has the effect of saving raw materials, reducing pollution and reducing costs. In fact, the recycling of waste wood in various countries is also increasing year by year, and the amount of recycling is soaring. Using wood processing machinery to utilize wood has become an indispensable part of the development of various countries.

In daily life and industrial production, common waste wood is mainly various branches, trunks, wood processing scraps, waste wooden pallets, waste wooden furniture, etc. The wood can actually be recycled. We can use commercial wood crusher or wood shaving machines to process these wood into sawdust and wood shavings.

wood crushing machine with diesel engine drive
wood crushing machine with diesel engine drive

What are the uses of sawdust processed by wood shredders?

1. Sawdust can be used in the fungus cultivation industry. Especially the cultivation of edible fungi, such as mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, and agaric, usually uses sawdust as a breeding environment.
2. Sawdust can be used in large-scale farms. For example, padding sawdust in pigpens can make pigpens clean and hygienic. And fermented sawdust mixed with pig manure is a good organic fertilizer. After processing, the sawdust is a good and cheap soilless culture substrate.
3. You can use sawdust to cultivate flowers and trees. Sawdust mixed with fine coal slag, and then properly mixed with dry manure, can be used as nutrient soil for potted plants.
4. In the utilization of building materials, sawdust can be used to process sawdust board, particleboard, compression board, plywood, and other artificial boards.
5. The sawdust can make paper and can be used as the raw material of paper pulp.

What are the advantages of Shuliy wood crusher?

Shuliy Machinery’s sawdust processing machinery-wood crusher has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient maintenance, and high processing efficiency. The structure of this machine is mainly composed of shell, frame, crushing shaft, wear-resistant hammerhead, and other components.

This wood crushing machine can process wood materials with a diameter of less than 50mm. In addition, this machine can also process various crop straws, bark, twigs, and various wood scraps. The fineness of the finished product can be adjusted. Customers can use wood shredders to recycle all kinds of waste wood and then sell processed high-quality sawdust, which can save resources and create wealth.