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Rotary dryer machine for materials of charcoals made

Rotary dryer machine for drying sawdust and rice husk

Rotary dryer machine also can be called drum dryer and rotary dryer, which is the common drying equipment for mineral processing and charcoal production use. The rotary dryer has a compact structure which is mainly composed of a rotating body, lifting plate, gears, transmission device, supporting device, sealing ring and other components. When using this dryer machine, we usually should build or buy a small ignition stove in front of the drum body for providing hot air. Drum dryer is widely used in food, feed, chemical industry, medicine, mining, and other industries.

What is the rotary dryer machine?

The drum dryer machine looks like just a cylinder slightly tilted in the horizontal direction. The powdery materials like sawdust or rice husk are added from the higher end, then hot air and materials flow into the middle cylinder. With the rotation of the cylinder itself, the material moves to the lower end with the lifting plate due to the action of gravity.

The inner wall of the cylinder is equipped with many lifting plates, which can lift up and sprinkle down the materials, and increase the contact surface between the material and the hot airflow, so as to improve the drying rate and promote the material to move forward. After drying, the materials are collected from the dust collector at the bottom of the rotary dryer machine.

Raw materials for drying: sawdust, rice husk, bamboo chips, peanut shells, coconut pieces, sesame rod, cotton rod, bean rod, vinasse slag, feed and mineral materials like slag limestone, coal powder, slag, clay, and other materials.

Rotary dryer hourly working capacity ranges: 300-2000 kg/h

Applications of the sawdust rotary dryer machine

The output of the drum dryer machine is different according to the moisture of the raw materials. The smaller the moisture content of the material, the larger the output of the dryer machine. The diameter of the rotary drum can be different and we can customize for you. Besides, the rotation speed of the drum is adjustable. This rice husk dryer machine is common used in the charcoal production line for drying the materials at the first step, then the dried materials which usually with the moisture content less than 10% will be extruded by the sawdust briquette machine for making pini kay. And the pini kay can be further carbonized by the carbonization furnace.

Features of rotary dryer machine

  1. Rotary dryer machine has a large processing capacity, less fuel consumption, and low drying cost.
  2. The drum dryer machine adopts the structure of adjustable center tugboat, which is well matched with the rolling ring and greatly reduces wear and power consumption.
  3. The rice husk dryer machine is specially designed to block wheel structure, greatly reduce the horizontal thrust caused by the tilt of the equipment. Strong overload resistance, cylinder running smoothly, high reliability.
  4. The sawdust drying equipment has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, can use high-temperature hot air for rapid drying of materials. Strong expansibility, the design takes into account the production margin, even if the output increases slightly, there is no need to replace the equipment.
  5. Rotary dryer machine lifting plate distribution and the angle design is reasonable, reliable performance, so the heat utilization rate is high, uniform drying, cleaning materials fewer times, easy maintenance.

Rotary dryer technical parameters

1 SL-800 500kg/h 2.2+7.5kw     ≤5mm 15000*2600*3800mm
2 SL-1000 1000kg/h 3+15kw ≤5mm 16000*2600*3800mm
3 SL-1200 2000kg/h 3+18.5kw  ≤5mm 18000*2800*4000mm
4 SL-1500 3000kg/h 5.5+22kw  ≤5mm 19000*3000*4500mm

Rotary dryer machine working video

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