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What is the “spontaneous combustion carbonization furnace”

Spontaneous combustion carbonization furnace(charcoal furnace) is important equipment for carbonizing semi-finished products and machine-made rod into charcoal. Its working principle is that bamboo and wood materials such as semi-finished products or branch burn around (or self-ignite on the surface) under the condition of hypoxia and decompose to generate combustible gas, tar, and charcoal. The change process of bamboo and charcoal materials (including machine-made rod) in the spontaneous combustion carbonization furnace is as follows: ignition spontaneous combustion — heating dehydration — drying — high-temperature decomposition — combustible gas burn on the material surface — intensified decomposition — charcoal + combustible gas + tar.

The carbonization process can be roughly divided into the following three stages: 1. Drying stage. Let whole furnace ignition temperature up to 160 ℃ quickly, so that the water content of the machine-made rod depends on the heat in the furnace and the heat generated by its combustion for evaporation. 2. The beginning stage of carbonization. This stage relies mainly on the machine-made rod itself combustion heat, between the temperature rise to 160-280 ℃. The wood material of the rod itself will undergo thermal decomposition reaction, in which unstable components such as hemicellulose will undergo decomposition to generate CO2, CO and a small amount of wood acetic acid and other substances. 3. Comprehensive carbonization stage. This stage carbonization furnace temperature is 300 ~ 650 ℃, the sharply for thermal decomposition of woodiness material, at the same time to generate a large amount of acetic acid, methanol and wood tar and other liquid products, further rises in blast furnace temperature, eventually the rod carbonized into the charcoal stick at high temperature.

Spontaneous combustion carbonization furnace is mainly used in the charcoal production line to produce machine-made charcoal. After the material is crushed by the crusher, dried by the dryer and formed by the sawdust briquette machine, it enters the carbonization furnace for final carbonization.

Raw materials: Rice husk, sawdust, bamboo chip, peanut shell, palm shell, fruit shell, coffee shell, hemp stalk, straw, wood scraps, branches, coconut shell, log, wood block, bark, tobacco stalk, etc.

Output: 1T-2.5T


Features of spontaneous combustion carbonization furnace:

  1. No additional heating equipment is required for the spontaneous combustion carbonization furnace. The heat required for the carbonization of machine-made rod in the spontaneous combustion carbonization furnace comes from the spontaneous combustion of the rods themselves (non-flame oxidation) and the oxidation of combustible gas in the furnace, which does not require the heating of electricity, gas, coal and firewood, so no additional heating equipment is required.
  2. Spontaneous combustion carbonization furnace technology is mature, simple operation, easy to master, safe and reliable.

After the carbonization furnace ignition, only need to adjust the air intake can change the temperature of the furnace, to achieve different requirements for the quality of carbon. In the process of operation, as long as master the ignition, adjust the air intake and the skill of fire off. In addition, the spontaneous combustion carbonization furnace is connected with the outside world through a large diameter chimney, which will never cause the safety hazard of excessive pressure due to pipe blockage.

  1. Spontaneous combustion carbonization furnace carbon output is high, good quality. The carbonization rate of the spontaneous combustion type is high, which can reach more than 40%. For the semi-finished machine-made rod of the same weight, the charcoal burned by the spontaneous combustion type machine-made rod is more than that burned by the dry distillation type.
  2. Spontaneous combustion carbonization furnace has a long life and low maintenance cost. The vulnerable part of spontaneous combustion carbonization furnace is the blade of the induced draft fan, which is caused by tar corrosion, but its life is more than one year. If the fan is not used, do not have this cost to maintain. As for steel plate of furnace body, because it is an outer layer, have refractory material inside, do not suffer high temperature directly, also do not suffer the erosion of coke oil and gas directly, therefore, oxidation and corrosion have little influence on it.

Technical parameters:

Model Motor power Output Weight Dimension
4m³ 1.5kw 1T 3500kg 2200x1600x2000mm
6m³ 1.5kw 1.5T 4000kg 2600x2000x2000mm
8m³ 2.2kw 2T 5000kg 3500x2000x2000mm
10m³ 2.2kw 2.5T 6000kg 4100x2000x2000mm
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