What are the factors affecting charcoal briquettes production?

In the context of relatively tight energy sources and the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction in various countries, commercial coal briquette equipment has become a tool for green economic development. Charcoal briquettes production line has become a popular investment in recent years. Our high-quality charcoal briquette machines are also exported to many countries, such as Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, the Philippines, etc.

Why is the charcoal briquette machine a popular investment?

  1. High return on investment. The raw materials used in the charcoal briquettes production line are cheap coal powder and carbon powder, and the finished product is high-quality coal sticks, which are in short supply in the market.
  2. The investment threshold is low. A small coal briquette production line can invest tens of thousands of yuan. For small businesses and individuals, both investment risk and funding pressure are relatively low.
  3. The production process is simple and the operation technology is easy to master. Two to three people can independently operate the entire processing line, saving time and effort. Low production costs.
  4. The structure of the charcoal briquette machine is simple, and the whole machine has few wearing parts. Even if the large charcoal briquette machine is damaged, the cost of subsequent maintenance is very low. It can be said that it is an investment and benefits for life.
  5. The coal briquettes production line can not only suppress coal powder, but also various carbon powder and iron powder, and the molding specifications can be adjusted from 20-60mm at will. The product specifications can be changed at any time according to market demand to meet different customer needs.

    commercial charcoal briquette machine
    commercial charcoal briquette machine

Factors affecting the charcoal briquettes production

  1. Binder factor

When charcoal or coal briquettes production equipment is working, the quality of the adhesive will directly affect the hardness and density of the processed charcoal briquettes or coal briquettes. It is also related to the level of production costs.

Therefore, when using coal briquettes production equipment, it is necessary to select a suitable binder according to the characteristics of the material and the quality of the coal product being processed. Only in this way can the quality of the produced coal sticks and the performance of the charcoal production equipment be exerted.

coal briquettes making
coal briquettes making
  1. Motor

The motor is the power unit of the charcoal extruder and provides power support for the operation of the charcoal extruder. When choosing a charcoal briquette machine, manufacturers generally match you with the right motor. However, for some reason, when the motor is overloaded during work, we will introduce the reasons and solutions for the excessive motor load here.

When the adjustable baffle of the feeding system is adjusted too high, or the end is too worn or broken, the feeding speed of the machine is too fast. Solution: 1. Check the position of the adjusting baffle of the charcoal extruder, readjust the baffle and lock it; 2. If the load of the motor is too large due to excessive wear and breakage of the adjustable baffle, the adjustable baffle should be replaced immediately.

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