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Wood debarker, also known as log debarking machine, is an important part of papermaking, wood processing and other industries. It is widely used in paper mills, plywood mills, logging mills, etc. Using a wood peeling machine can greatly save labor and reduce labor costs.

Brief introduction of the wood debarker machine

The wood peeling machine currently produced by our company has two models: a vertical peeling machine and a horizontal peeling machine. Our log debarking machine can effectively remove the bark of wood and can peel wood of different tree species, diameters, and lengths. It can be equipped with a conveyor belt to transfer wood to the feed inlet of the wood peeling machine. It is a piece of perfect supporting equipment for assembly line operation and automated production.

Raw materials of the log debarking machine

This series of wood debarker is widely used in paper mills, board mills, forest farms and other industries. It has a wide range of applications, such as eucalyptus, fruit trees, pines, locust wood, beechwood, acacia wood and so on. It is not only suitable for logs and branches, but also for peeling some frozen wood and wood with high humidity. The quality of the peeled wood is better and can be sold at higher prices in the market.

Vertical wood debarker

Wood peeling machine structure

The log debarking machine is mainly composed of a frame, four feed rollers and four discharge rollers, a cutter head and four blades, two motors, which are respectively used to control the cutter head and forced feeding.

details of the vertical peeling machine
details of the vertical peeling machine

Working principle of the log debarking machine

When the vertical wood debarker is working, the wood is bitten by the four rollers at the feed port and pushed forward. During the advancing process, the four blades located in the middle of the machine continuously rotate at high speed to scrape the bark off the surface of the wood. During the whole process, the wood advances at a constant speed, and the peeling effect is excellent.

Advantages of the vertical log debarking machine

  • The wood can be processed in a wide range of sizes by the wood debarker, the minimum diameter of wood is 5 cm, and the maximum diameter is 35 cm;
  • The peeling speed of the wood debarker is fast and stable, which can reach 10m/min;
  • The processed wood is very clean, and the blade will not harm the wood itself and cause waste.
Lengthened feed inlet
Lengthened feed inlet

Parameters of the vertical wood debarker

TypeSizeWeightKnife quantity(pcs)Max diameter (cm)Motor power (kw)
SL3702450*1400*1700 2t410-357.5+2.2

Horizontal log peeling machine

Wood peeling machine structure

The horizontal wood debarker machine is composed of one or two peeling rollers, a feed port, one or two motors, a discharge port, a bark outlet and a large trough.

Working principle of the wood debarker

The trough-type wood debarking machine uses a peeling roller to rotate so that the wood section is cyclically moved in the trough, and at the same time, it also rotates around the wood section's own axis, as well as irregular beating. At this time, the continuous friction and collision between the wood section and the roller, and between the wood section and the wood section make the bark separate quickly and achieve the peeling effect.

Advantages of the wood peeling machine

  • It can handle small size wood that the vertical type can not peel;
  • A large amount of wood can be processed at one time, and wood of different sizes can be processed at the same time.
  • The roller of the debarking machine is very durable, not easy to be damaged, has no accessories, and has a long service life.

Parameters the horizental wood debarker

TypeCapacity (t/h)Motor Power (kw)Size (mm)Weight (t)
6m (single roller)3-77.56300*1200*15002.5t
6m (double rollers)7-157.5+7.56300*1310*15504t
9m ( double rollers) 15-257.5+7.5 9000*1500*16005t
12m (double rollers) 25-307.5+7.5 12600*1500*16508t

Video of the log debarking machine

Loading and delivery of the wood debarker

Factors of affecting wood debarker efficiency

There are some factors that can affect the log peeling machine's efficiency. Generally speaking, dry wood has a better peeling effect than wet wood. Drying the wood for a period of time can significantly improve the peeling effect. Therefore, humidity is one of the factors that will influence the efficiency of debarking machine.

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