BBQ Charcoal Making Machine

A complete set of barbecue charcoal plant includes carbonization equipment, lump charcoal grinder, charcoal ball press machine, bbq charcoal briquettes dryer, and briquettes packing machine. The processing capacity can be customized between 500kg/h-30t/d. Among them, charcoal press machine is the main molding equipment, which can process spherical, oval, heart-shaped, pillow-shaped, and lettering BBQ briquettes.


Why Choose Briquette Charcoal Project?

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Meet Huge Market Demand

The development of the barbecue industry has led to an increasing market demand for barbecue charcoal. And there are more and more types of barbecue charcoal on the market.

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Emerging Investment Project

Barbecue charcoal business is an emerging charcoal processing project with low investment cost and transparent profit method, which is very suitable for small and medium-sized investors to start business.

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Product Upgrade

The production of barbecue charcoal is an upgrade to the traditional charcoal business, which can deeply process most lump charcoal to increase its added value and market price.

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Equipment Dealer

With the development of barbecue charcoal processing business, buyers and agents in many countries began to purchase large quantities of barbecue charcoal processing equipment for their customers.

Barbecue Charcoal Production Process

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Final Product Display

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Customer Cases

Service Process


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