The automatic shisha(hookah) charcoal production line is the complete processing line for briquetting, packaging, and drying the shisha charcoal briquettes. The main machines in this line include the shisha charcoal briquette machine(hookah charcoal press machine), charcoal sorting and packaging machine, and charcoal briquettes dryer machine. This commercial shisha charcoal briquettes processing plant is very efficient with less labor cost, and many European countries bought it at good prices for industrial shisha charcoal production.

Main components of the shisha charcoal production line

1.The common shisha charcoal briquette machine/hookah charcoal press machine

For making shisha charcoal briquettes, both the cubic shisha charcoal and the round tablet shisha charcoal, we Shuliy machinery can provide different kinds of briquetting machines for you, and you can choose a good one based on your production requirements. The commonly sold shisha charcoal briquette machines are mainly the following types:

1.1 Cubic shisha charcoal press machine

This hot-sale charcoal briquette machine is also named the charcoal powder press machine, which can press all kinds of charcoal or coal powder into briquettes with a certain shape, and the customers’ favorite shapes are cylindrical, square, and hexagonal. This briquetting machine is a multifunctional type of charcoal-making machine, which can make both shisha charcoal briquettes and BBQ charcoal briquettes very efficiently. When using this charcoal machine to make cubic shisha charcoal, the user should match it with an automatic cutter machine that has a rotary cutting blade for cutting the long charcoal rods into small cubic briquettes through its continuous rotation.

1.2 Hydraulic round /square briquettes making machine

This type of hookah charcoal press machine can be designed with both the hydraulic type and the mechanical type. The hydraulic shisha charcoal briquette machine adopts a special hydraulic press system that can press the well-mixed charcoal powder into round tablets. It has high working efficiency and can make about 15000-2700 pieces hourly of the shisha briquettes.

Different from this hydraulic type, the mechanical type briquettes press machine adopts the mechanical transmission power to press the charcoal powder into briquettes. After briquetting, the finished charcoal tablets will be pushed forward into the automatic conveyor for labor collecting. The briquette shape can be customized into various shapes with these two kinds of shisha charcoal machines, such as round, square, heart shape, hexagon, lettered, and so on.

1.3 Fast round hookah briquette machine

This machine is our newest tablet press machine developed by Shuliy machinery, and it has been well praised by many customers as soon as it is on the market. It is very efficient and can be automated in production lines with other machines. The main part of the shisha charcoal press machine is composed of a set of disc structures with molds that can rotate at high speed. When the machine is working, the carbon powder can be quickly extruded and dropped onto the corresponding tray as it passes through the structure.

2. Shisha charcoal briquettes dryer machine/continuous drying equipment

We designed two types of charcoal dryer machines: the mesh belt charcoal dryer and the efficient dryer room, which can dry all kinds of charcoal briquettes, such as BBQ charcoal, charcoal or coal ball, and hookah charcoal. The mesh belt type of dryer machine is the continuous drying equipment, and its heating method can be electricity, coal, combustible gas, and so on. And the new-designed dryer room is mainly for drying the charcoal briquettes in batches. Both of these two types of dryer machines can be used for drying other materials, such as herbal medicine, fruits, and vegetables.

3. Shisha charcoal briquettes sorting machine

This sorting machine can be widely used in the shisha charcoal packaging line for sorting briquettes together for fast packaging. This equipment is mainly composed of two parts: the feeding part, and the automatic distribution device. When the shisha charcoal tablets are put into the feeding plate, they will be transported up at an even speed. During the transporting process, the laborers can pick out the broken briquettes from the feeding plate. Then, the automatic distribution device of this sorting machine will dispense 10 pieces of the hookah briquettes as a group for packaging for each batch. The number of charcoal briquettes for each group can be customized.

charcoal briquettes sorting machine
charcoal briquettes sorting machine

4. Automatic shisha/hookah charcoal packaging machine

This horizontal type of packaging machine is multifunctional equipment for packing all kinds of materials. It can match with a sealing machine when working. This charcoal packing machine has the advantages of a high degree of automation, automatic feeding and discharging, easy operation and maintenance. After packaging, the shisha charcoal products can be collected by laborers into the big boxes for easy moving.

shisha charcoal briquettes packaging machine
shisha charcoal briquettes packaging machine

Display for shisha/hookah charcoal packaging effect