Large output cubic Hookah Shisha charcoal production line

shisha & hookah charcoal making machine
shisha & hookah charcoal making machine
shisha charcoal production line
shisha charcoal production line

Brief introduction of shisha charcoal production line

As we know that shisha or hookah has widely used in many countries in recent years, especially for some developed countries of Europe and the United States and the Middle East where the shisha smoking has been a new fashion. Along with the popularity of hookah smoking, there is a great potential in the worldwide market of shisha charcoal production. Our Shuliy machinery is a professional charcoal machine manufacturer for over 10 years and we are constantly studying how to produce high-quality shisha charcoal briquette machines with high efficiency and large output and provide the customers special shisha charcoal production line.

Here we are ready to introduce a new design cubic shisha charcoal production line to give the customers who want to invest in large scale shisha charcoal production more good options. This shisha charcoal production line mainly includes charcoal grinder, binder mixer, charcoal briquette machine, automatic cutter with conveyor, charcoal drying box and charcoal sealing machine.

The working principle of the shisha charcoal production line

What to make the rectangular shisha charcoal is the charcoal powder from coconut shell, straw, fruit trees, bamboo, wood chips or coal powder. The production process of shisha charcoal production line mainly concludes grinding, mixing, briquetting, cutting, drying and sealing. The detailed production process as follows:

1. Charcoal grinder

The grinding machine is mainly used to further crush the charcoal powder or coal powder and in order to obtain a fine charcoal powder or coal powder to produce high-quality shisha(hookah) charcoal.

2. Binder mixer

Add a certain amount of charcoal powder or coal powder, binder, and water into the mixing barrel of the charcoal mixer. The electric motor on the top of the mixer will drive the two stirring axes in the mixing barrel to mix the wet powder evenly so that can make sure that the final shisha charcoal will have high density.

3. Charcoal briquette machine

The briquette machine is an important equipment of the production line which can squeeze the powdered charcoal into a certain shape. Feed the charcoal powder into the inlet of the machine, then the screw shaft inside the molding machine will push the wet powder forward, and the final molded charcoal will be extruded through the outlet. The mold of the outlet can be selected according to the customer’s requirements for different shisha charcoal shapes.

4. Automatic cutter with conveyor

In the actual use, the cutter and the flat conveyor are always used together. Usually, the cutter is fixed on the middle of the conveyor so that can cut the formed charcoal bar automatically when the charcoal bar transported into the bottom of the conveyor. The rotating blade of the cutter can cut the charcoal bar into cubic-shaped shisha charcoal and the output is very large.

5. Charcoal drying box

After cutting, the cube shisha charcoal needs to be dried for 4-8 hours in the drying box. If the moisture content of the charcoal is large, the drying time will be prolonged. And the drying time mainly depends on charcoal’s moisture and hardness.

charcoal drying box
charcoal drying box

6. Charcoal sealing machine

The packaging machine is mainly used to pack the dried shisha charcoal products into a separate small package, easy to transport and sales.

Shisha charcoal finished products
Shisha charcoal finished products

Main advantages of shisha charcoal production line:

  1. Charcoal briquette machine using an automatic electronic control system so that one person can operate the machine. The machine is equipped with an automatic cutting system so that can saving time, labor, and cost.
  2. This full set of shisha charcoal production lines has strong adaptability, can be used for coconut charcoal, bamboo charcoal, straw charcoal, wood charcoal, and other charcoal powder and coal powder.
  3. The equipment in the shisha charcoal production line has high efficiency, large output, and low energy consumption.
  4. The machine structure of the whole production line is simple and easy to operate and maintain. And the mold is easy to change, we can according to different customer needs to make different shapes of shisha charcoal.
  5. We can also produce all kinds of charcoal making machines and can customize all kinds of a charcoal production line for customers.

Shisha charcoal processing project video

Parameters of shisha charcoal production line:

1 Charcoal grinder Diameter:1.5mPower:7.5kw
2 Binder mixer
3 Charcoal briquette machine Model: SL-180Power: 22kwCapacity: 800-1000kg/hDimension: 2200x1400x600mm
4 Cutter with conveyor Length: 6mWidth: 0.5mPower: 0.75kw
5 Charcoal drying box Model: SL-480Motor: 6.5kwCapacity: 1.25t/circleMachine size: 4.5*2.5*2.2mHeat source: Heat pump(electric)
6 Charcoal sealing machine Power: 780wSealing speed: 0-12m/min


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