Charcoal Making Machine

The continuous carbonization equipment can directly carbonize biomass waste with a size of less than 10 cm. According to different models, the processing efficiency of carbonization furnace is between 800kg/h-3t/h. The complete set of carbonization equipment adopts an integrated intelligent design, which is easy to install and operate, with large output and low maintenance cost, which can create huge economic benefits for charcoal processors.

Who Will Choose US

Market-oriented New Business

Charcoal is the clean energy with high calorific value, no pollution and high market price. The charcoal production project has become a new investment hotspot.

Factory Upgrade

Benefiting from charcoal processing and looking forward to scaling up production through equipment upgrades and purchase of new equipment.

Government Bidding Project

The charcoal making is a project supported by local government departments that can promote production and economic development.

Resource Recovery Needs

Charcoal processing can recover a large amount of biomass waste and promote the development of the resource reuse industry.

Charcoal Production Process

Wood chips charcoal making

Coconut charcoal making

Rice husk charcoal making

Palm kernel shell charcoal making

Final Product Display

Why Choose Shuliy?

Customized scheme

Shuliy factory has more than 50 engineers with above 10 year working experience, providing end-to-end solutions from customer project site selection to production and delivery.

High efficiency and energy saving

Continuous carbonization equipment has large processing capacity and high output. The combustible gas generated in the process of material carbonization can be used for cyclic combustion, the fuel cost can be saved.

Prompt delivery

As an enterprise with strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, the equipment in the Shuliy factory usually has a certain amount of inventory to ensure punctual delivery. Customized equipment can also be shipped on time.

Guaranteed after-sales service

The Shuliy factory has a dedicated after-sales service team responsible for solving the problems of the installation, commissioning, use, maintenance, and repair of the machine.

Customer Cases

Service Process

Contact Shuliy

WhatsApp / Wechat / Tel : +86 19139761487 Email or fill the contact form online

Cofirm requirements

The sales manager will chat with you online or by email to identify your requirements

Signing a contract

After confirming the demand and the willingness of both parties to cooperate, the two parties sign a machine purchase contract

Design production

After receiving the payment for the machine. Taizy will arrange the engineer to produce the designed machine according to the contract requirements

Transprtation and Service

The produced machines will be transported to the quickly. Taizy Machinery provides perfect after-sales service.
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