The barbecue charcoal production line mainly processes various types of charcoal balls. The BBQ charcoal briquettes processing plant can produce barbecue charcoal of various specifications and sizes. The industry’s barbecue charcoal production line is an automated BBQ briquettes processing line independently designed by the Shuliy factory.

The production line mainly includes a continuous carbonization furnace, automatic conveyor, carbon crusher, screw conveyor, storage bin, screw conveyor, carbon powder crusher and mixer, binder mixer, continuous conveyor, BBQ charcoal briquettes press machine, briquettes dryer machine, and barbecue charcoal packaging machine.

Features of barbecue charcoal briquettes

There are many types of barbecue charcoal currently on the market: quick-burning charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, spherical barbecue charcoal, pillow-shaped bbq briquettes, and oval barbecue charcoal.

These different sizes and specifications of barbecue charcoal can be mass-produced with the help of the barbecue charcoal production line. The BBQ charcoal made by this processing line is easy to ignite, and it is smokeless and tasteless when burned. In addition, due to its high density, this barbecue charcoal has a high calorific value and a long burning time.

barbecue charcoal briquettes
barbecue charcoal briquettes with different shapes

Main machine of the BBQ charcoal production line

No.Machine name
1Continuous carbonization furnace
2Charcoal crusher
3Charcoal powder mixer
4Binder mixer
5Barbecue charcoal press machine
6BBQ briquettes dryer
7BBQ charcoal packaging machine

Specifications of the 500kg/h barbecue charcoal production line

Continuous carbonization furnace 
carbonization furnace
Model: SL-800
Dimension: 9*2.6*2.9m
Power: 22kw
Capacity: 300-400 kg/h
Weight: 9 ton
Machine shell thickness(steel): 11mm
Function: carbonize biomass materials into charcoal.
Belt conveyor
belt conveyor
Dimension: 5000*700*700mm
Power: 2.2kw
Function: transport charcoal blocks from continuous carbonization furnace to charcoal crusher machine.
Charcoal crusher machine
charcoal crusher
Model: SL-C-600
Power: 22kw
Dimension: 3600*1700*1400mm
Final size: less than 5mm
Function: crush charcoal blocks into charcoal powder, then they will be easy to shape.
Screw conveyor
screw conveyor
Dimension: 6.6m*0.3m*0.5m
Power: 4kw
Function: transport charcoal powder from charcoal crusher machine to silo.
Storage bin
feeding silo
Power: 4kw
Dimension: 2000*3000mm
Function: store charcoal powder and balance the speed of the production line.
Screw conveyor
belt conveyor
Dimension: 6.6m*0.3m*0.5m
Power: 4kw
Function: transport charcoal powder from silo to wheel grinder machine.
Wheel grinder machine
charcoal powder mixer
Model: SL-W-1300
Power: 5.5kw
Capacity: 300-500kg/h
Inner diameter:1300mm
Function: combine the charcoal powder with binder and water fully, then they will be more sticky
Binder mixer
binder mixer
Model: SL-M800
Input capacity: 0.6m³
Power: 3kw
Inner diameter: 800mm
Function: mix binder and water.
Belt conveyor
belt conveyor
Dimension: 5000*700*700mm
Power: 2.2kw
Function: transport charcoal powder from wheel grinder machine to charcoal ball press machine.
Charcoal ball press machine
barbecue charcoal press machine  
Power: 5.5kw
Capacity: 1-2 t/h
Pressure: 50tons per time
Weight: 720kg
Function: press charcoal powder into charcoal balls
Packing machine
bbq charcoal packaging machine 
Packing weight: 20-50kg per bag
Packing speed: 300-400 bags per hour
Power: 1.7kw
Dimension: 3000*1150*2550mm
production line details of 500kg/h BBQ charcoal plant

Note of BBQ charcoal processing plant specification parameters

  1. The processing capacity of the barbecue charcoal production line can be customized between 500kg/h and 20t/h. Our factory can formulate the most cost-effective barbecue charcoal processing plan for customers according to their specific processing needs and investment budget.
  2. The main processing process of the barbecue charcoal processing plant is carbonization, char pulverization, charcoal powder stirring, charcoal powder forming, charcoal block drying, and charcoal block packaging. For factories and customers who need continuous production, they usually need to buy a barbecue charcoal dryer to shorten the drying time of charcoal briquettes. However, small charcoal processing plants or areas with long sunshine hours do not need to buy a dryer, but use natural drying to dry the barbecue charcoal.
  3. Any equipment in the barbecue charcoal processing line has different models to choose from. We can also customize the most suitable machine model for customers according to the size and shape of the customer’s factory.
  4. Barbecue charcoal molding machine, that is, the extruding die of charcoal ball press machine can be replaced. Therefore, the molding machine can process BBQ charcoal briquettes of different sizes and shapes, such as pillow-shaped, spherical, oval, Rhombus, lettering pattern, etc.