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sawdust briquettes production line
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The industrial wood sawdust briquettes production line mainly extrudes sawdust or rice husks at high temperatures and high pressures into biomass fuel called pini kay heat logs. This pin kay briquettes processing plant mainly includes the wood sawdust crusher, the sawdust dryer, and the sawdust briquetting machine.

The biomass briquettes produced by the pini kay heat logs plant can be mainly used as fuel. And these solid biomass fuels are often used in boilers, restaurants, fireplaces, and other heating equipment. Large-scale production of sawdust briquettes must rely on a complete pini kay briquettes processing plant, with an output between 500kg/h and 2t/h.

What is pini kay briquettes?

Pini kay wood briquettes are considered eco hot logs. This is because the raw materials used to make pini kay logs are usually various agricultural and forestry wastes, such as branches, straws, rice husks, logs, wood scraps, etc.

Sawdust pini kay briquettes are popular in many countries by recycling and reusing these biomass resources to produce high calorific value and easy-to-use sawdust pini kay briquettes. In many power plants, steel plants, canteens, hospitals, etc., pini kay heat logs are widely used fuels.

Pini Kay Briquettes Made By Sawdust Briquette Extruder
pini kay briquettes made by sawdust briquette extruder

Raw materials for making wood sawdust briquettes

There are many raw materials used to process sawdust briquettes. All kinds of logs, hardwoods, and branches are common raw materials, such as pine, oak, etc.

Various farmland straws can also be used to process pini kay logs, such as cotton stalks, sorghum stalks, rice stalks, corn stalks, corn cobs, rice husks, peanut husks, palm husks, etc.

In addition, wood scraps, wood chips, wood chips, wood shavings, etc. from furniture factories can be used to process high-quality wood sawdust briquettes.

Wood sawdust briquettes production line design of Shuliy

The complete set of sawdust briquettes making machine mainly includes crushing equipment, drying equipment, and sawdust briquetting equipment.

As for the model of each machine in the sawdust briquettes production line, we usually customize it according to the customer's investment budget and processing requirements. Under normal circumstances, we will provide customers with a detailed pini kay heat logs production plan.

Sawdust Briquettes Production Process
sawdust briquettes production process

Drum wood chipper for crushing logs & branches

In order to ensure the large output and continuous production of biomass briquettes, we can use drum chippers to coarsely crush logs and tree branches with large diameters. The purpose of using a chipper to coarsely crush wood is mainly to improve the processing efficiency of wood sawdust.

Drum Wood Chipper Machine For Making Wood Chips
drum wood chipper machine for making wood chips

Wood crusher for making sawdust powder

For large-volume raw materials, such as wood, branches, straws, etc., we need to use corresponding wood crushing equipment to pre-treat them. The wood crusher machine can smash the raw materials into sawdust with a fineness of less than 8mm.

Moreover, the screen of the wood shredder can be replaced with screen holes of different diameters, so that we can process sawdust of different finenesses. Generally, the fineness of sawdust for processing pini kay briquettes is about 5mm.

Hammer Mill Crusher For Making Sawdust
hammer mill crusher for making sawdust

Sawdust dryer machine

Why do we need to dry wood sawdust? This is because the raw materials used by different sawdust briquettes processors are different, and the moisture content of the raw materials is also different. Sawdust with high moisture content is not suitable for making wood briquettes directly.

Therefore, we need to use a sawdust dryer to dry the sawdust. The common sawdust drying equipment is a drum dryer machine, which can dry all kinds of powder and granular materials. Through drying, we can control the moisture content of sawdust below 12%.

Continuous Sawdust Drying Machine
continuous sawdust drying machine

Wood sawdust briquetting machine

The last step of making pini kay heat logs is to use the sawdust briquette machine to make solid sawdust briquettes from sawdust or rice husk under high temperature and high pressure. The pini kay briquettes making machine of this industry can process pini kay heat logs of different shapes and sizes.

The internal screw of the machine can advance the sawdust added from the feed port forward. When the raw material is pushed into the forming cylinder, it will be heated by the heating ring outside the forming cylinder and then pyrolyzed.

Sawdust Briquettes Extruder Machines
sawdust briquettes extruder machines

Flue gas purification device

A certain amount of smoke will be generated during the processing of wood sawdust briquettes. Especially in the extrusion process of sawdust briquettes, smoke will be generated due to the pyrolysis of wood chips. We can use this flue gas evolution device to automatically collect and filter flue gas. The use of such a flue gas purification device can effectively reduce air and smoke pollution in the production process.

Flue Gas Purification Device
flue gas purification device

Sawdust briquettes processing line video

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