The production process of the cube hookah charcoal plant mainly includes carbonization of biomass raw materials, charcoal crushing, carbon powder mixing and adding binders, cube charcoal molding, cube charcoal drying, and other production links. Mass production of round and cube hookah charcoal has been the hot choice of many charcoal factories in many Southeast Asian countries. Just last month, the full set of cube hookah charcoal production line exported to Indonesia by our Shuliy factory arrived in Indonesia and has been installed.

charcoal plant shipment to Indonesia
charcoal plant shipment to Indonesia

Cube hookah charcoal VS round shisha charcoal tablet

When it comes to hookah charcoal, what we are most impressed with should be the disc-shaped hookah charcoal. This round cake-shaped shisha charcoal was the first to appear and be applied to the shisha market.

There are many specifications of common round hookah charcoal, such as concave round charcoal, lettering&pattern charcoal, colored charcoal, etc. Common diameters of round hookah charcoal are 30mm, 33mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, etc.

Currently, with the development of the hookah charcoal market, various shapes and sizes of charcoal are becoming popular. Among them, square charcoal is a kind of charcoal that is very popular at present.

The most common size of this cube hookah charcoal is 20*20*20mm, and 25*25*25mm. Cube charcoal is popular because it is smaller and more portable.

hookah charcoal briquettes
hookah charcoal briquettes

Why start the cube hookah charcoal business in Indonesia?

The client is from Indonesia’s largest tobacco company, the company’s name is PT Gudang Garam Tbk. Starting a hookah charcoal processing business is a new project they plan. The company mainly wants to process hookah charcoal with a size of 25mm for sale.

The cube hookah charcoal plant order was originally communicated to us by the person in charge of the procurement project of the Indonesian company. He mainly confirmed the machine configuration, machine parameters, production line output, energy consumption, etc. of the entire processing line with our factory.

We have drawn up two detailed cube hookah charcoal plant solutions according to the customer’s requirements. Subsequently, the person in charge of procurement submitted our proposal to the boss of the company for analysis and confirmation. After the boss of the company agreed to our production plan, their procurement team began to negotiate with us the specific details and price of the entire plan.

How to ensure the charcoal plant quality for Indonesia?

In order to ensure product quality, the company also invited an inspection company to inspect the equipment of the entire cube hookah charcoal plant before delivery. In the end, the product inspection results were very satisfactory to them.

The company’s procurement team asked for a 5% discount on the price we offered, however, due to cost considerations, we ended up giving them a 3% discount after careful calculation.

cube hookah charcoal plant design
cube hookah charcoal plant design

Parameters of cube hookah charcoal plant for Indonesia

Wood crusher machine Model: SL-600
Capacity:1000kg per hour
Hs code: 8465990000   
Screw conveyorDimension: 4m*0.3m*0.5m
Hs code:8428320000
Continuous carbonization furnace Model: SL-800
Capacity:300 kg per hour
Weight:9 t
Hs code:8417809090 
Screw conveyorDimension:4m*0.3m*0.5m
Hs code:8428320000
Charcoal crusher machine Model: SL-C-600
Capacity:500kg per hour
The final size of charcoal powder: less than 5mm
Cyclone diameter:1mIncluding fan5 bags dust removal
HS code:8437800000 
Airlock  Power:1.5kw1
Screw conveyorDimension:4m*0.3m*0.5m
Hs code:8428320000
Wheel grinder machine  Model: SL-1300
Capacity:300-400kg per hour
Inner diameter:1300mm
Hs code:8474390000 
Belt conveyor Dimension:5m*0.7m*0.7m
Hs code:8428330000
Hydraulic Shisha charcoal machine     Pressure:100tons
Capacity:44 pcs per time,4 times per minute
Hydraulic pump power:15kw
Main host dimension:1000*2100*2000mm
Feeding power:0.75kw
Discharge power:0.75kw
Discharge conveyor:800*850*1850mm
Control cabinet size:530*900*1100mm
Extra moldShape: round within 25mm1
Biomass  burner  1
Dryer machine  Dimension:8.8*2.2*2.2m
Material: Color steel,75mm rock wool board
Capacity:3 tons of charcoal per time, need 8-10 hours per time
Use biomass as a heating source and the biomass burner
Hs code:8419899090 
parameters of Indonesia cube charcoal plant

Spares parts list for the Indonesia order

12 sets
6 sets
4 pieces