Presswood pallet machine is the main equipment for processing high-density wood pallets. The hydraulic pallet press machine can squeeze sawdust into different shapes under huge hydraulic pressure. The processed wooden pallets are very strong and durable, with a load-bearing capacity of more than 5t. For users of pallet press machines, doing a good job of daily maintenance can greatly improve the production efficiency of the pallet machine and extend its service life.

compressed wood pallet machine for sale
compressed wood pallet machine for sale

Safety precautions for wood pallet press machine

  • The power inlet of Presswood pallet machine is generally three-phase five-wire. When powering on for the first time, the user should confirm the power supply of the control box of the machine to check whether there is a phase loss, low or high voltage. Among them, the control voltage of the pallet machine is 220V, which must be grounded.
  • Check whether the overtravel protection switch (travel switch) on the equipment is flexible to ensure that it is not stuck.
  • Check whether the joints of the electric control box of the wood pallet press machine and other electrical components are loose during transportation. If there is any looseness, fasten it in time. After all inspections are completed and the machine is normal, it can be powered on.

Specific methods of maintaining presswood pallet machine

When using the Presswood pallet machine to start work, you must first carefully check whether the parts of the machine are loose or not. Only make sure that the parts of the wood pallet machine are not loose before starting the machine to work. Shuliy factory recommends that users of compressed pallet press machines should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the machine’s connecting parts on a weekly basis.

For the new Presswood pallet press machine, the user should filter the hydraulic oil of the machine once in the first month of using the machine, and then make sure to filter the hydraulic oil every 6 months on average.

After using the wood pallet press machine for each shift, turn off the power of the control box of the machine in time, and keep the control box clean and dust-free. No user is allowed to modify the circuit in the control box of the pallet press machine without authorization. In addition, non-professionals are not allowed to repair the control box.

pressed pallets made by wood pallet machine
pressed pallets made by wood pallet machine

When the hydraulic system of the compressed wood pallet press is overhauled and maintained, the upper die of the press should be lowered to match the lower die, and it should be confirmed that there is no pressure in the machine system.

Then close the main valve of the oil tank of the machine, open any oil drain bolt from the oil cylinder to drain the oil, and then perform oil circuit maintenance. After the oil circuit is maintained, the pallet compressor should be repeatedly operated up and down without pressure, and the air in the oil circuit system should be discharged before working.

The circuit of the Presswood pallet machine is equipped with an inspection jog position, and the changeover switch must be turned to the left during maintenance. When the power is started, it is switched to downward jog. When the power is stopped, it is switched to upward jog. After the overhaul is completed, switch the changeover switch to the working position (to the right), and it is strictly forbidden to press inching and switch operations by non-mechanical personnel.

The mold of the machine should be kept clean and free of scaling. When the new machine is in use, it is best to use a spray gun to spray engine oil on the upper and lower molds once every hour for a week. When the wood pallet press is not in use, the upper and lower molds should be greased for rust prevention. The use of the pallet press should be operated by professional operators. Non-professional operators should not start it without authorization, and should not run the press with an empty machine, otherwise, it will cause deformation and damage to the mold of the wood pallet machine.