In a recent transaction, Shuliy Factory successfully exported a timber skinning machine to a client in Sierra Leone. This case study outlines the seamless process through which the client procured the machine and sheds light on how Shuliy’s technology met the client’s specific requirements.

wood debarker for Sierra Leone
wood debarker for Sierra Leone

How did this Sierra Leone client find us?

The journey began when the client stumbled upon a video showcasing Shuliy’s Timber Skinning Machine on our factory’s public Facebook page. Impressed by the machine’s performance in effortlessly peeling timber, the client reached out to us to inquire about pricing and specifications.

Client’s requirements for timber skinning machine

Our client in Sierra Leone primarily needed to process timber with diameters ranging from 20 to 40 centimeters and lengths averaging 8 to 9 meters.

The peeled timber was intended for use in constructing house columns. Understanding the client’s needs was pivotal in offering the right solution.

Shuliy’s Timber Skinning Machine proved to be a perfect fit for the client’s requirements. With a capacity to handle timber diameters from 5 to 55 centimeters and no restriction on length, our machine offered the versatility and efficiency needed for the client’s timber processing operations.

Smooth communication and logistics

Effective communication played a key role in ensuring a smooth transaction. We thoroughly discussed logistics details such as shipping methods, port arrangements, freight costs, payment terms, and delivery timelines with the client. Given the client’s prior import experience, the communication process was seamless.

The timber skinning machine was scheduled for shipping in mid-last month, and it is currently in transit to Sierra Leone. We are committed to providing timely updates on the logistics to the client and eagerly await their feedback upon the machine’s arrival and operation.

timber skinning machine for sale
timber skinning machine for sale

Timber peeling machine parameters for Sierra Leone

Model: SL-420

Max diameter: 400mm

Knife Quantity: 5 

Main Power: 15 kw+4kw

Machine weight: 1.75t

Package size: 2500*1400*2000mm

Conclusion about the order from Sierra Leone

This successful export of the Timber Skinning Machine to Sierra Leone highlights Shuliy Factory’s dedication to providing tailored solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the client and assisting them in achieving their timber processing goals.