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shisha charcoal press machine
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Shisha charcoal machine is designed to press all kinds of charcoal powder into hookah charcoal briquettes with high pressure. The industrial shisha charcoal press machine uses the newest pressing system, completely abandoned the old molding method of the slow material discharging, serious wear and tear, technical difficulties, expensive accessories, low efficiency, and other shortcomings. 

shisha charcoal briquettes
shisha charcoal briquettes

The Shuliy shisha charcoal press machine mainly has four types: the mechanical type shisha charcoal tablet press machine, the hydraulic type shisha charcoal press machine, the rotary hookah charcoal press machine, and the stainless-steel type cubic shisha charcoal briquette machine. Each type of hookah charcoal machine has its own great advantages.

Shisha or hookah charcoal produced by shisha charcoal press machine is a high-tech and environment-friendly product, with a beautiful appearance and quick and convenient use. Shisha charcoal is made of selected charcoal powder and binder, and it is full of fragrant during burning with fewer ashes. 

It is a high-quality product specially made for shisha users in Arab countries. Hookah charcoal is a very popular green product with fast ignition speed, long combustion time, smokeless, non-toxic, and no pungent smell.

various shisha hookah charcoal
various shisha hookah charcoal

Shisha charcoal press machine is widely used in charcoal powder forming and coal briquetting, it is the necessary facility for charcoal powder and coal powder deep processing. In addition, the quality of shisha carbon products produced by this charcoal production process is stable. 

Now, in addition to the ordinary charcoal briquettes, charcoal board, and heating charcoal, there are also instant ignition charcoal, shisha charcoal, triangle charcoal, charcoal bar, finger charcoal in the international market.

Classification of Shuliy shisha charcoal machines

Type1Mechanical Shisha Charcoal Press Machine
Type2Hydraulic Hookah Charcoal Press Machine
Type3Rotary Round Shisha Charcoal Machine
Type4Stainless-steel Cubic Charcoal Punching Machine
shisha charcoal machine types

Mechanical shisha charcoal press machine

This kind of shisha charcoal machine uses the pressure generated by mechanical power to extrude charcoal briquettes into specific shapes. The operation of this kind of hookah charcoal press machine is very simple and the production efficiency is very high. The extrusion die of this hookah charcoal machine can be replaced, so hookah charcoal briquettes of various shapes can be processed.

shisha charcoal press machine
shisha charcoal press machine

Shisha charcoal press machine working principle

This mechanical type shisha charcoal tablet press machine can press shisha charcoal by the mechanical movement up and down. It includes a main body, motor, inlet chamber, and outlet conveyor belt.

When we can put the charcoal powder into the inlet of this machine, the charcoal powder will be pressed by the extrusion mold which is driven by the motor and the transmission device.

The shisha charcoal briquettes' shape can be cubic, diamonds, ringlike, rhomboid, triangular form, cylinder, pyramid, convexity, concavity, round tablets, etc.

We even can design the lettering on the charcoal briquettes with the users' company name, brand name, telephone number, etc. The final shisha charcoal briquettes have a high density and good appearance.

Shisha charcoal press machine is often used in coal production lines. After the charcoal powder is evenly mixed with the corresponding adhesive in the wheel grinding machine or double-shaft mixer, it is pressed into a finished product of a certain shape in the shisha charcoal press machine, and then it is dried in the dryer for packing and storage.

Shisha charcoal press machine can produce high-quality shisha charcoal and charcoal for barbecue, very popular in the domestic and foreign markets.

commercial shisha charcoal press machine for sale
commercial shisha charcoal press machine for sale

Shisha charcoal press machine main features

  1. The equipment adopts automatic electronic control system, the operation, and production of the machine is very simple, saving time and labor.
  2. With high-quality products and large output, shisha charcoal press machine can realize mechanized production with fast production speed to achieve high economic benefits.
  3. Shisha charcoal press machine features safe operation, convenient maintenance, low noise, and long service life.
  4. This machine is suitable for charcoal powder or powder tablet molding, is the international best-selling charcoal products tablet equipment. Which can press all shapes of charcoal like round, square, convex and concave, rectangle and triangle, etc
mechanical-type shisha charcoal machine
mechanical-type shisha charcoal machine

Mechanical type shisha charcoal press machine working video

Technical parameters of mechanical shisha charcoal machine

Model: SL-M-1

Power: 7.5 kw

Pressure: 20tons per time

Weight: 1700kg

Dimension: 1.7*1.5*1.2m


14 pieces per time, 20times per minute(round shape: 30mm, 33mm)

15 pieces per time, 20 times per minute(cubic shape: 20mm, 22mm, 25mm)

Hydraulic hookah charcoal press machine

Hydraulic shisha charcoal press machine is another kind of shisha charcoal machine for making hookah charcoal. The main structure of the hookah (shisha) charcoal tablet press machine includes a frame, hydraulic system, distribution cabinet, mold and conveyor belt, etc.

Independent temperature and power control devices and hydraulic pressure can be effectively adjusted. In addition, the molds at the discharge port can be removed and replaced, and we can provide customers with molds of various shapes according to their needs.

hydraulic shisha charcoal machine
hydraulic shisha charcoal machine

It is suitable for pressing bamboo charcoal powder, wood charcoal powder, straw charcoal powder, and other high-quality charcoal powder into a round sheet, cylindrical, spherical, convex, concave, and other various geometric shapes of products, but also can be pressed with words, trademarks, patterns of these products.

Applications of the hydraulic hookah charcoal machine

Hookah charcoal tablet press material can be compressed into sheets, square, rectangle, circular, diamond, triangular, cylinder, cone, the geometry of the convex, concave, and other various shapes, also can be compressed with a word, trademark, logo, and shape of the various customized version.

Hydraulic shisha charcoal tablet briquette machine can press about 19,000-27000 finished shisha charcoal tablets per hour, the output is large and the working efficiency is very high.

Major advantages of the hydraulic shisha charcoal machine

  • The machine is especially suitable for pressing various shapes of shisha charcoal products, which can meet various needs of different users.
  • The machine has a specially designed forced feeder, can suppress charcoal powder of lightweight, the small density of pure powder materials.
  • We can provide a large number of specially designed auxiliary equipment, can achieve the automatic feeding of materials, automatic film, saving time and effort.
  • Shisha charcoal press machine with a user-friendly design, simple structure, small area occupation, easy to install, simple operation, easy to clean and maintain the machine.
  • The transmission system is sealed in the worm gearbox under the frame, is a completely separate independent part, will not be contaminated, can reduce noise and wear.

Technical parameters of hydraulic hookah charcoal press machine

Model: SL-H-1

Pressure: 60tons

Weight: 2800kg

Hydraulic pump power: 15kw

Main host dimension: 1000*2100*2000mm

Feeding power: 0.75kw

Discharge power: 0.75kw

Discharge conveyor: 800*850*1850mm

Control cabinet size: 530*900*1100mm


42 pieces per time, 4 times per minute(round shape)

44 pieces per time, 4 times per minute(cubic shape)

Model: SL-H-2

Pressure: 80tons

Weight: 2800kg

Hydraulic pump power: 18.5kw

Main host dimension: 1000*2100*2000mm

Feeding power: 0.75kw

Discharge power: 0.75kw

Discharge conveyor: 800*850*1850mm

Control cabinet size: 530*900*1100mm


42 pieces per time, 3 times per minute(round shape)

44 pieces per time, 3 times per minute(cubic shape)

Hydraulic hookah charcoal press machine with the newest design

Components display

The whole set of hydraulic shisha charcoal press machine display

Hydraulic hookah charcoal machine video

Rotary round shisha charcoal machine

The industrial rotary shisha charcoal press is a brand new type of hookah & shisha charcoal briquettes making machine of Shuliy factory. This commercial hookah coals maker machine is very popular in Arab countries now.

The rotary shisha coal press machine can press the well-mixed charcoal powder and coal dust into round charcoal briquettes with letters or patterns. And the diameter of the hookah charcoal tablets can be changed to 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 33mm, 35mm, etc. We can also customize the diameter of the hookah charcoal according to customer requirements.

rotary shisha charcoal press
rotary shisha charcoal press

Raw materials for making round shisha charcoal tablets

The raw materials used to make hookah charcoal tablets are usually various kinds of charcoal, such as log charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, rice husk charcoal, fruit tree charcoal, etc. The charcoal can be carbonized using a carbonization furnace. After carbonization, it needs to be cooled to room temperature before it can be further processed into carbon powder.

To crush the charcoal block into powder, we can use a charcoal grinder or a wheel grinder and mixer machine. These two types of charcoal crushing equipment can quickly crush charcoal into fine charcoal powder. Charcoal powder cannot be processed directly by rotary shisha charcoal press, but it needs to be mixed with the binder and water first.

Rotary hookah charcoal machine's structure

The structure of this new shisha charcoal briquettes press machine is very different from other shisha charcoal briquettes press machines. This kind of Arab hookah charcoal maker is mainly made of stainless steel, so it is very resistant to wear and corrosion.

In addition, the molding die of this machine is not a type that is pressed up and down, but a rotary die, which eliminates the waiting time for mold opening and closing during work, so the output is large.

Technical parameters of round hookah charcoal press machine

Model: SL-R-1

Pressure: 120KN

Power: 7.5kw

Weight: 1500kg

Filling depth: 16-28mm

Charcoal thickness: 8-15mm

Turntable speed: max 30r/min, usually is 15r/min

Dimension: 800*900*1650mm


40mm, 19 pieces per circle

33mm and 20mm, 21 pieces per circle

shisha charcoal briquettes (2)
shisha charcoal briquettes (2)

Cubic shisha charcoal punching machine

This kind of industrial cubic shisha charcoal punching machine is specially designed to process hookah charcoal of different specifications. The machine is made of stainless steel, which is very resistant to wear and corrosion, and has high processing efficiency.

cubic shisha charcoal punching machine
cubic shisha charcoal punching machine

In fact, this stainless steel block charcoal processing machine can process round hookah charcoal in addition to block charcoal. In terms of production effect, this machine is currently the best equipment for processing square carbon. Commonly processed hookah charcoal sizes are 20*20*20mm(cubic), 25*25*25mm(cubic), 30mm(round), 33mm(round), 40mm(round), etc.

cube hookah charcoal
cube hookah charcoal

Structure of the hookah charcoal punching machine

This new type of hookah briquette machine is also a hydraulic type of equipment. Its main structure includes a feed hopper, hydraulic cylinder, control panel, and extrusion system.

The extrusion system of this briquetting equipment is mainly a structure of upper and lower molds. If the customer wants to process hookah charcoal of different shapes, it can be achieved by changing the molds of different shapes.

structure of the hookah charcoal punching machine
structure of the hookah charcoal punching machine

Technical parameters of the cubic shisha charcoal press machine

Pressure: 80tons, 100tons

Voltage: 380V





Size of the moldsNumber of punching onceNumber of punches per minute
2cm*2cm*2cm cube903
2.5cm*2.5cm*2.5cm cube803
Diameter 3cm round723
Diameter 3.3cm round563
Diameter 4cm round423

Hookah charcoal punching machine video

The Arab hookah coal maker has a large output, so it is very suitable for medium-scale hookah charcoal factories. To achieve continuous production, many hookah charcoal processing plants will choose to purchase a full set of hookah charcoal processing equipment, such as rotary shisha charcoal machine, hookah charcoal drying machine, shisha charcoal sorting machine, packaging, and sealing machine, etc.

Hookah charcoal drying machine

The hookah charcoal dryer has a box-type structure, and multiple shelves can be placed inside. Many trays can be placed on each rack. When drying the hookah charcoal, we can fill each tray on the rack with the hookah charcoal tablets, and then push the rack into the box dryer. The temperature of the hookah charcoal dryer can be set and adjusted. The heat source can choose electric heating, gas heating, and solid fuel heating.

charcoal briquettes drying plant
charcoal briquettes drying plant

Shisha coal briquettes sorting machine

The hookah charcoal sorting machine is a folding conveyor. Before packing the hookah charcoal, we need to sort the dried hookah charcoal to pick out the damaged hookah charcoal. When the hookah charcoal tablets are poured into the sorting machine, the carbon chips will automatically be spread on the conveyor plate and move with the conveyor plate.

hookah coals sorting machine
hookah coals sorting machine

Before the shisha charcoal tablets enter the packaging machine, the sorting machine will automatically arrange the shisha charcoal briquettes together and move them down. And it can feed the packaging machine quantitatively, 5 pieces each time or 10 pieces each time.

Shisha charcoal tablets packaging machine

Our hookah charcoal packaging machine is a pillow-type packaging machine, which can pack finished hookah charcoal products. Customers can choose the size, quantity, weight, pattern, and style of the packaging box for hookah charcoal. We also provide a heat sealing machine, which can plastic seal the hookah charcoal packaging box.

shisha charcoal tablets packaging machine
shisha charcoal tablets packaging machine
shisha hookah charcoal packaging
shisha hookah charcoal packaging

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