Most coconut hookah coals in the market are processed from coconut shell charcoal powder. This is because coconut shell charcoal has a higher calorific value and fewer impurities than other types of charcoal. If starting a shisha charcoal processing business, we need the help of shisha charcoal forming equipment to mass produces these shisha charcoal briquettes.

How to get coconut husk charcoal?

For shisha charcoal manufacturers, it is necessary to prepare sufficient raw materials for coconut shell charcoal. Generally, there are two main methods for obtaining coconut shell charcoal. One is that customers buy coconut husk charcoal from local or foreign coconut shell charcoal suppliers.

For example, some of our Saudi customers have long been importing high-quality coconut shell charcoal from Indonesia and the Philippines for processing hookah charcoal.

In addition, customers can also choose to produce their own coconut husk charcoal. If the customer’s local coconut shell resources are abundant and cheap, they can consider purchasing a carbonization machine to produce coconut husk charcoal.

coconut husk charcoal
coconut husk charcoal

Coconut shell to the charcoal ratio

The percentage of coconut shell charring has a lot to do with the moisture content and charring time of the coconut shell. Usually, the higher the moisture content of coconut shells, the lower the charring rate and the longer the charring time required.

Therefore, when processing coconut shell charcoal, the moisture content of coconut shell should not exceed 20%. Under such conditions, an average of 2 tons to 2.5 tons of coconut shells can be charred to obtain 1 ton of coconut husk char.

How do you make shisha charcoal briquettes?

After obtaining sufficient raw material of coconut husk charcoal, customers can use the hookah coals press machine to process various sizes of hookah coals.

In order to process good quality coconut hookah charcoal, it is necessary for the customer to ensure that the fineness of the coconut shell charcoal powder used for processing shisha charcoal briquettes is sufficiently fine. Therefore, the customer can use a charcoal grinder to crush the coconut shell charcoal into a fine charcoal powder.

shisha charcoal cubes production in the Philippines
shisha charcoal cubes production in the Philippines

Also, to ensure a higher density of coconut hookah coals. When handling the charcoal powder, it is necessary to add the proper proportion of water and binder to increase the stickiness of the charcoal powder.

Finally, we add the processed charcoal powder to the shisha charcoal briquettes forming machine to process hookah coal briquettes. Usually, hookah charcoal machines can be equipped with various shapes of molds for processing different sizes of coconut hookah coals. coals, such as round shisha charcoal tablets and square shisha charcoal briquettes, etc.