The alee trees have so many contributions to our cities. To begin with, trees will increase urban biodiversity and provide favorable habitat and protection for plants and animals. Secondly, in cities with high levels of pollution, trees can improve air quality and make the urban living environment healthier. Thirdly, The strategic layout of trees in the city can cool the air by 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, thereby reducing the urban “heat island” effect and helping the city adapt to climate change.

Landscape trees need to be pruned regularly

In the garden landscape, hedgerows need to be trimmed into various shapes. To maintain the graceful shape of the hedgerows, it is necessary to trim the crown regularly to make the tree shape more plump and more realistic.
The street trees in the city include phoenix trees, albizia flowers, camphor trees, etc. In order to make the trees tall and healthy, with lush branches and dense flowers, pruning is an indispensable maintenance method.

workers are coping with waste branches
workers are coping with waste branches

How to deal with pruned branches and leaves

How to deal with the discarded branches and leaves that have been pruned? Abandoned branches and leaves are long or short, thick or thin, and very messy, and cannot be stacked on urban open spaces. It is also inappropriate to send them out of the city for incineration. Taking into account environmental issues, burning a large number of branches will pollute the air, and the volume of discarded branches and leaves is quite large, and truck transportation and labor costs are high.

Municipal gardens, schools, and families in developed countries in Europe and the United States have commonly used wood shredders for a long time. The use of the wood shredder realizes the recycling and utilization of garden greening waste, does not pollute the environment and realizes the recycling of resources at the same time. It is a scientific and energy-saving environmental protection equipment, which is well received by users. The wood crusher developed by Shuliy company can be used to crush the discarded branches and leaves in urban landscaping.