This quantitative charcoal briquettes packaging machine can be used to package different sizes and shapes of barbecue charcoal into the desired packaging specifications. Common charcoal packaging weights are 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 30kg, 50kg, 65kg, etc. The functions of this commercial charcoal packaging machine include automatic loading, automatic weighing, automatic sewing, etc. This BBQ charcoal packing machine is suitable for all charcoal briquettes processing plants.

small charcoal packaging machine for sale
small charcoal packaging machine for sale

Why do charcoal briquettes packaging?

Currently, many briquette charcoal factories have charcoal packing sessions. They package processed barbecue charcoal or other types of charcoal briquettes into different sizes for sale using quantitative packaging machines.

The use of charcoal briquettes packaging machines to pack the finished charcoal can increase the added value of the product and the selling price of the charcoal on the one hand, and facilitate the transportation of the finished charcoal on the other. 

In addition, since this charcoal packing machine can set a certain packing weight of charcoal, charcoal processors can pack the finished charcoal of their factories to different specifications to meet the needs of different customers.

briquette charcoal packing
briquette charcoal packing

Main functions barbecue charcoal packaging machine

This BBQ charcoal packing machine is controlled by an intelligent electronic control system, which can automatically complete the process of feeding, weighing, bag clamping, filling, and sewing.

This barbecue charcoal packaging machine adopts a wide measuring sensor, which has superior zero point stability and gains stability performance. The quantitative packing machine has a set value of raw material feeding, a set value of single bag weight, barbecue charcoal packing bag counting, weight accumulation display, automatic zero adjustments, automatic error correction, over-error alarm, and fault self-diagnosis, etc.

Applications of quantitative packaging machine

The commercial quantitative packaging machine is very versatile and is commonly used for packaging all kinds of powder and granular raw materials, such as flour, cement, organic fertilizer, cat litter, grain, salt, wood pellets, animal feed, dog food, etc.

In the charcoal processing industry, the packing machine is mainly used for packing dense and unbreakable barbecue charcoal balls. Other kinds of charcoal sticks or water-smoked charcoal are not suitable to be packed by this machine.

charcoal packing machine with a hoist conveyor
charcoal packing machine with a hoist conveyor

Parameters of BBQ charcoal briquettes packing machine

Weighing range3-50kg
Applicable materialsPowdery or pellet materials
Packaging speed4-6 bags/min
Packaging accuracy±0.2%
Air source pressure0.4-0.6MPA
charcoal briquettes packaging machine parameters