Compressed Wooden Pallet Production Line

compressed wooden pallet production line
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The compressed wood pallet production line is a complete industrial processing line for processing high density wood pallets. The production process of this wooden pallet production line mainly includes sawdust making, sawdust drying, sawdust and glue mixing, and wooden pallet pressing. This molded wooden pallet processing plant is very suitable for large and medium-sized wooden pallet factories, with the advantages of simple operation, large output and easy maintenance. At present, our compressed wood pallet equipment has been exported to the United States, France, Poland, Chile, Canada, Germany, Serbia, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Russia, South Africa, and other countries.

Compressed Wood Pallets
compressed wood pallets

Why choose to start a compressed wood pallet business?

Compressed wooden pallets are an important auxiliary tool in international transportation. Especially in the shipment of goods, the role of wooden pallets is very prominent. Compared with ordinary spliced ​​wooden pallets, compressed wooden pallets have higher load-bearing capacity and longer service life. Therefore, compressed wooden pallets are in great demand.

Starting a wooden pallet production business by purchasing a complete compressed wooden pallet production line has become the choice of many investors. Compressed wooden pallet factories can usually produce wooden pallets of different sizes and specifications to meet different international cargo transportation requirements.

Components of compressed wooden pallet production line

The main equipment of the wooden pallet production line is composed of wood crusher, sawdust dryer, mixer, hydraulic wooden pallet machine. This processing line enables the transformation from wood to compressed wood pallets.

Wood crusher for making sawdust

The raw materials for processing compressed wooden pallets are usually various biomass materials, such as straw, rice husks, coconut fibers, logs, branches, tree roots, waste wooden furniture, waste wood boards, etc. We need to use a wood shredder to pulverize these raw materials to the fineness of raw materials suitable for processing wooden pallets. The size of sawdust required for processing wooden pallets is generally between 3-5mm. The crushing fineness of the wood crusher can be adjusted according to customer needs.

Normal Wood Crusher
wood crusher

Rotary dryer for drying sawdust

Both straw and wood have different moisture content. In order to ensure the quality of compressed wooden pallets, we need to control the moisture content of the raw materials. When the sawdust is processed, we need to use a tumble dryer to continuously dry the sawdust to keep its moisture content below 15%. If the moisture content of the raw material is too high, the processed wooden pallet will have a rough surface, low density, and unevenness.

Rotary Drying Machine
rotary drying machine

Mixer machine for glue and sawdust mixing

This electric mixer can quickly mix sawdust and a certain proportion of glue evenly. The purpose of adding urea-formaldehyde resin glue to the sawdust is to increase the cohesion of the sawdust, so that the compressed wood pallet has a higher density.

Glue Mixer
glue mixer

Wooden pallet press machine for making pallets

This hydraulic wood pallet machine can extrude sawdust in a mold under high temperature and high-pressure conditions. The hydraulic pressure of this machine varies according to different models. Generally, the larger the model of the machine, the greater it's hydraulic pressure and the greater the output. In addition, the molds of the wooden pallet press machine can be changed to different shapes and sizes.

Compressed Wood Pallet Machine For Russia
compressed wood pallet machine

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