Industrial wood sawmill machines can saw logs into planks, strips, etc. of uniform thickness or length. Sawmill machines are generally composed of saw blades, frame bodies, PLC control systems, motors, etc., which can replace manual and quickly cut logs into required thicknesses, and are very suitable for wood processing factories, furniture factories, paper mills, etc. The Shuliy factory can supply all kinds of commercial lumber mill machines with simple operations and favorable prices to global customers.

Why has the wood sawmill machine developed so much today?

Imagine how our human society processed wood into planks and furniture 20 years ago. It takes us 2-3 hours or even half a day to cut a log with a diameter of 50cm into planks using a simple hand saw. Also, the thickness of the boards processed with the hand saw is usually not uniform. In addition, during the sawing process, we often get injured because of the hardwood or improper operation.

large wood sawing plant
large wood sawing plant

Therefore, in order to improve the processing efficiency of sawmills and reduce the labor load of workers, automated sawmills have gradually replaced labor. The commercial saw milling machine can be used to quickly cut various diameters and different types of trees, saving time and effort, and is an important manifestation of the progress of productivity in modern society.

Sawmilling machine of Shuliy

Shuliy factory has been engaged in R&D, manufacturing, and exporting woodworking equipment for more than 10 years. At present, the Shuliy factory can supply all kinds of wood shredders, wood chippers, wood powder machines, wood shaving machines, wood pellet machines, etc. with advanced manufacturing technology.

Industrial sawmills are also hot products in our factory and have been exported to the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, France, Romania, Spain, Norway, Egypt, Afghanistan, Nigeria, South Africa, Congo, Morocco, and other countries.

Classifications of the Shuliy lumber mill machines

Shuliy factory currently mainly supplies three kinds of sawmills for commercial use, namely, log table saw(portable sawmill), vertical band saw, and horizontal band saw(industrial chainsaw mill).

These three kinds of sawmills have passed through our factory and gradually optimized and improved, and now they are all sawmills that are popular in the market. Different sawmills have different requirements for processing raw materials. Generally, we will recommend suitable sawmills for customers according to their processing needs.

Vertical band sawmill

This vertical sawmill is usually used for sawing logs and square logs with a diameter of 50 cm-150 cm. The processing speed of this lumber mill machine is very fast, the production efficiency is high, and the range of wood diameters that can be processed is also large, so it is very popular with small and medium-sized wood processing plants. Boards treated with this vertical band saw are often used in construction, shipbuilding, and furniture factories.

vertical wood saw mill machine
vertical wood saw mill machine

Working process of vertical saw mill machine

The structure of this vertical band saw is mainly composed of the saw blade, saw wheel, base, frame, wood conveying guide rail, and so on. When using this vertical sawmill, we must first fix the wood on the conveyor rail, and then start the sawmill to start working.

By turning the adjusting hand wheel on the guide rail, the log will gradually approach the saw blade of the vertical sawmill for cutting. When the plank is cut off, we turn the adjusting hand wheel again, and the remaining wood will quickly return to its position and start the next sawing work.

Parameters of vertical band saw machine

Motor power(kw)18.5222237
Sawing diameter(Max)(mm)6508509001500
Saw wheel diameter(mm)900100010501250
Saw wheel speed(r/min)750750750650
Saw blade width(mm)125125125150
Applicable saw blade thickness(mm)
Maximum length of saw blade(mm)6400690071008300
Machine weight(kg)1100120013002700
Machine size(mm)1160x900x21001260x1000x23001360x1070x24001400x1440x2600
parameters of vertical sawmill

Working video of vertical lumber mill machine

Customer cases of vertical sawmill machine use

vertical band saw in Thailand factory

Big log sawing plant in Thailand with our lumber mill machines. This Thailand customer bought 3 sets of sawmills from us in 2020 for his wood board processing plant. This is a picture of his own factory taken by the customer. He also said that during nearly 2 years of use, our wood saw mill machines have almost no failures, and the production efficiency is very high.

Wood saw milling plant in Italy factory. The Italian customer purchased the largest sawmill in our factory in 2018, which is used to process wood with a diameter of about 100cm. Today, the sawmill is still in normal use with high efficiency.

log sawing plant in Italy

Horizontal band saw

Horizontal woodworking band saw machine is composed of a saw frame, screw adjustment device, saw blade, conveying track, and lifting bracket. This horizontal sawmill works quite differently from the vertical sawmill. When the machine is working, the wood is stably fixed on the track, and the saw machine installed on the frame above the track moves in parallel along the track to cut the log into planks. We can adjust the processed lumber thickness through the parallelogram adjustment device of the machine.

horizontal sawmill for sale
horizontal sawmill for sale

Features of horizontal wood saw mill machine

The horizontal band saw machine is a device that uses a circular steel band saw blade as the saw quality and makes one-way continuous movement around two saw wheels to saw wood. The bed is made of cast iron or steel plate welded.

The track is made of thickened rectangular tube material welded with high-quality steel, which can withstand the pressure of large-diameter wood without deformation. The saw blade tensioning device of the horizontal sawmill adopts a hydraulic system, which saves time and effort. The lifting system of the machine adopts the mode of worm gearbox and chain transmission.

Horizontal sawmills can use motors, diesel engines, gasoline engines, etc. as power methods. Customers can choose according to their needs when purchasing. Horizontal sawmills are different from vertical sawmills that need to lay a foundation.

This kind of sawmill can be placed directly on flat ground for work. Wheels can also be installed under the workbench of the machine, making it easy to move and work in the forest. In addition, the length and width of the conveying guide rail of the horizontal lumber mill machine can be customized according to the size of the raw material to be processed by the customer.

Parameters of horizontal sawmill

Main motor power(kw)1518.52230374555
Transmission motor power(kw)
Lifting motor power(kw)0.751.52.23334
Maximum sawing diameter(mm)700100012001500170020002500
Maximum sawing length(m)6799121215
Maximum sawing height(mm)65095012001600160019001900
Saw wheel diameter(mm)600820820900100010701070
Saw wheel speed(r/min)800750750720700650650
Saw wheel  width(mm)70100100125125140140
Rail length(m)691212151518
Machine weight(kg)1500210023002900350045004800
parameters of horizontal sawmill