For many people who are new to the wood crusher machine industry, it is very difficult to choose a good wood crusher manufacturer in the market. Because there are many manufacturers of wood processing machines on the world market, and the quality of these machines is also uneven. In addition, there are many types and models of wood crushers, making it difficult for users to make a choice quickly. The customer’s early selection has a very important impact on subsequent production operations, so it will be very careful when looking for high-quality manufacturers and selecting machines.

Why are the prices of different types of wood crushers different?

Wood shredder is the pulverizing machinery and equipment, which is used to pulverize various waste wood. The wood chips or sawdust processed by the wood pulverizer have high utilization value and can be reused in many industries. But why are the prices of different types of wood shredders different? First of all, we need to know that the wood crushing machine is based on its output.

sawdust made by multifunctional wood crusher
sawdust made by multifunctional wood crusher

And for the wood crusher with different output, the internal components are also different. Generally, the greater the output of a wood crusher, the higher the cost of the components it is equipped with, so the price of different types of wood crushers is also different.

What should be noticed when choosing a wood crusher machine?

Selection tips:

  1. According to your actual situation, choose to be driven by motor or diesel engine, and choose mobile wood shredder or fixed wood shredder.
  2. According to the particle size of the product you want to process, choose a wood crusher that matches the line speed of the hammer.
  3. If the speed of the hammer blade of the wood grinder is not suitable, it will reduce the working efficiency of the grinder and cause too long a crushing time, the material will be blocked in the crushing chamber, and the crushing particle size will be uneven.
  4. The customer should choose a suitable wood shredder according to the output required by their production scale. The size of the shredder model determines the size of the output.