How to pay attention to the wear of wood crusher bearings?

wood crusher with cyclone

Wood Crusher or Wood Shredder is the common wood branch processing equipment used in the industrial production industry. It can grind wood, branches, waste building materials, and straws to a large extent. The crushed sawdust can be used as raw materials to produce new building materials and cardboard. The wood crusher can be used to recover the old wood that has been removed from the building, and then processed into various usable wood materials for comprehensive utilization according to market demand. However, during the working process of the wood crusher, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the wood processing machines.

Wood Shredder Machine In Stock
Wood Shredder Machine In Stock

Why should we pay attention to the wood crusher bearings?

In our long - term operation of wood mill production operations, the bearing will bear a lot of pressure. Therefore, after a period of high-intensity production operations in the wood grinder, bearing wear will occur. So whenever the wood mill production operations for a period of time after we have to maintain the bearing and maintenance, so bearing if there is damage to how we should replace it?

In the process of operating the wood shredder as a whole, some professional operation techniques are used to ensure that the wood crusher can have good working efficiency and ensure the service life of the bearing, which can increase the output while reducing the production cost. If the wood crushing machine is not properly configured during the production process or if it is not regularly sprayed with the lubricating oil, it will accelerate the wear of the bearing.

Wood Crusher With Wheels
Wood Crusher With Wheels

Therefore, to prolong the service life of the bearing, firstly, the corresponding measures to protect the bearing must be done. For example, the lubricant is injected once every 300 hours to ensure that the bearing is in a good state for production operations and to avoid excessive wear. We should not only pay attention to the protection of the bearing parts of the wood crusher, but also the other vulnerable parts inside the wood shredder should be carefully maintained and maintained.

How to maintain the wood crusher?

  1. Before starting the wood shredder, it is necessary to develop a good habit of checking the machine. First check whether the screw and the belt are loose, whether the rotation direction is correct, and whether there is a jam in the machine.
  2. According to the model parameter setting and production, overload production is prohibited to avoid damage to the machine.
  3. For parts that are prone to wear, check frequently and find that parts should be replaced in time if they are excessively worn.
  4. Keep the machine in good lubrication condition. Under normal circumstances, the bearing temperature is not more than 70 degrees. The main bearing is added with butter and molybdenum disulfide once a week.
Wood Crushing Machine With Diesel Engine Drive
Wood Crushing Machine With Diesel Engine Drive

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