As we all know, wood shredder equipment is a device for recycling and crushing wood, but if it is too wet material, it will reduce production efficiency and affect output. So in order not to affect the output of wood chips, how should we deal with wet wood raw materials?

According to the long-term work experience summarized by frontline workers, the wet wood contains high fiber content, which will affect the blade and hammer of the wood crusher machine to crush, and it may cause the blockage of the screen and the damage of the blade and hammer after a long time. The dry wood material contains less fiber and will not damage hammers and blades, and the output can keep up.

The moisture content of general wood materials should be less than 13%. Generally, if the value is not very high, it will not affect the crushing, but once it exceeds the normal ratio too much, it will affect the output of the wood crusher.

motor type
motor type

We can dry the materials naturally in an economical way, and reduce the humidity of the materials through air drying and drying. If you can’t dry the materials naturally for some reason, it is recommended that you invest in a dryer. The normal process of crushing sawdust is to dry first, then crush, and then according to the actual needs of customers, the crushed materials can reach a relatively high level. The use of Dahua, for example, making synthetic boards and pressing them into biomass pellets is a good choice.

Our suggestion to you is to first choose an economical and environmentally friendly way to dry the wood, which can help you reduce the amount of money to a certain extent. If the actual situation does not allow it, then choose the drying treatment.