How to make charcoal automatically (Video)

  1. Put the raw materials like coconut shell、wood chip、tree branch or PINI-KAY into the carbonization furnace.
  2. Use wedges and hammer to seal the top of the charcoal stove.
  3. Good sealing can increase carbonization efficiency.
  4. Fire the furnace at the bottom with wood or coal.
  5. The flammable gas generated from the stove can be reused to heat each of the stoves.
  6. Tar and wood vinegar produced in the carbonization process flow out of the pipe and can be collected and used.
  7. These high value-added products can be sold to chemical plants to increase revenue.
  8. The carbonization process will be finished after 6-8 hours.
  9. Use the hammer to remove these wedges and open the furnace cover, we can see the wood charcoal.

As we can see, the charcoal is fully carbonized with high density and has a high combustion value when used.

Gas Flow Carbonization furnace(gas flow charcoal machine) is our newest developed charcoal machine, which adopts advanced hot air carbonizing processing technology, can greatly increased carbonizing ratio (increased from about 90% to 99%) and shortened the carbonizing time ( from 24 hours to 6 hours).

This wood chips gas flow charcoal machine included three or four inner stoves. When one inner stove is finished, it can be hoisted outside for cooling. And when one inner stove is cooling, the other inner stoves can still be carbonized at the same time, in this way can save the cooling time and enhance the working efficiency.

This type of charcoal stove adopts the structure of unique air storage chamber, to fully reuse the smoke produced during the process of carbonization. And the redundant smoke can be reused in drying and carbonizing, saving much fuel during the whole process.

This gas flow charcoal machine has the features of easy operation, higher safety, high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection.


Other names:

Gas flow carbonizing furnace;Gas flow carbonization furnace;

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