All charcoal manufacturers and customers who buy charcoal machines should be the most concerned about the quality of finished charcoal, because finished charcoal quality determines the level of charcoal sales price, also decided whether charcoal manufacturers can get more revenue. Advanced charcoal technology can effectively ensure the quality of machine-made charcoal. But if you do not properly maintain the charcoal machine equipment, even a good machine can not withstand long-term use. For the carbonization furnace in the charcoal production line, only regular cleaning can ensure its working efficiency of it.

charcoal kiln
charcoal kiln

In the charcoal production line, the final product of charcoal is to go through the carbonization furnace high-temperature carbonization. But by the impact of high temperature, almost every time for a carbonization operation in carbonization furnace, the bottom, and top of the carbonization furnace will be sticky with a small number of ash components.

Most of these ash components come from ash impurities on the surface of semi-finished fuel sticks. Special circumstances such as the carbonization furnace welding seal are untight, the external environment of ash impurities are more easily mixed into the furnace to form ash slag.

Although the ash residue in the carbonization furnace is seemingly insignificant, it will seriously affect the carbonization quality during the second operation in the carbonization furnace. If the ash residue in the carbonization furnace is not cleared during the secondary carbonization treatment, once the temperature of the carbonization furnace rises to about 300 degrees, the sticky ash residue on the top and bottom will fall off under the influence of the high temperature of carbonization.

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The ash component also adheres to the surface of the semi-finished rod that is being charred at high temperatures. In the end, the machine-made charcoal produced in this environment, its surface is affected by the ashes and its ignition will be very low, and the quality will only be shoddy.

In order to ensure the quality of finished charcoal, after each carbonization treatment in the carbonization furnace, we must increase the ash residue cleaning efforts in the carbonization furnace. Only by ensuring the cleanliness of the carbonization furnace, the quality of the carbonization furnace can not be affected by ash impurities. Therefore, after each use of the carbonization furnace to clean up the internal to ensure that the equipment is clean without blockage, to ensure the quality of charcoal products after carbonization.

Regular cleaning of the carbonization furnace is conducive to the normal operation of the equipment, on the other hand, also effectively improves the quality of charcoal products, so regular cleaning of the carbonization furnace is very necessary.