In Mozambique, a local wood processing factory faced a common challenge—what to do with the abundant sawdust and wood scraps produced daily? They found a sustainable solution: purchasing a 350kg/h wood briquette press machine. This smart investment helped them transform wood waste into high-calorific value Pini Kay briquettes.

wood briquette press for Mozambique
wood briquette press for Mozambique

Why choose to make sawdust briquettes in Mozambique?

Mozambique boasts rich timber resources, and this resourceful factory owner saw an opportunity. With the wood briquette press machine, they could process sawdust and wood scraps into valuable Pini Kay briquettes.

These briquettes, renowned for their clean-burning and efficient heating, are highly sought after in Mozambique, where access to affordable and eco-friendly fuel is vital.

Shuliy’s solution for the briquettes business

Shuliy Factory, a renowned briquette machine manufacturer, assessed the factory’s needs and recommended the 350kg/h wood briquette press. This efficient machine matched their wood chip output perfectly.

Shuliy’s technical support and quality machinery provided the client with a hassle-free experience. After two months of continuous use, the wood briquette press proved reliable, with no breakdowns.

How does a wood briquette press help turn sawdust into profits?

With the wood briquette press machine in operation, the Mozambique factory effectively transformed waste into profit. The production of Pini Kay briquettes not only curbed resource wastage but also opened new revenue streams.

They distributed their briquettes to local retailers, providing an affordable, sustainable, and clean energy source to the community.

The Mozambique factory’s success story highlights the positive impact of investing in eco-friendly technology. By reducing waste and offering an eco-conscious product, they’ve contributed to a greener, more sustainable future.

With Shuliy’s assistance, their venture has blossomed into a win-win situation, benefiting both their business and the environment.