Spare parts of sawdust briquette press

spare parts of sawdust briquette press machine

Biomass briquettes have high density and hardness due to the high temperature and high-pressure conditions during the production process. Therefore, this kind of sawdust briquettes is a good fuel with the characteristics of long burning time and high calorific value.

Commercial sawdust briquette press machine is the main equipment for producing biomass sawdust briquettes. Before using the sawdust briquette machine, be sure to understand the use of the machine and its necessary wearing parts in detail.

Sawdust Briquette Press For Sale
sawdust briquette press for sale

Why do we press sawdust into briquettes?

You may have questions, why use sawdust to make briquettes? Why not directly use wood chips or logs as fuel? Indeed, biomass resources such as wood and logs can be directly used as fuel, but this natural raw material has a low calorific value and a short burning time.

Moreover, directly using wood or logs as fuel will cause waste of resources and environmental pollution. Using the sawdust press briquette machine to squeeze sawdust into blocks to make solid fuel can greatly increase the calorific value of biomass.

In addition, most of the sawdust used for briquetting is recovered from various types of biomass fertilizers, such as branches, straws, and leftovers from wood mill processing.

Sawdust Biomass Briquettes
sawdust biomass briquettes

Spare parts of the biomass briquette press

The accessories of the biomass briquette press machine mainly include the screw propeller, the forming cylinder, forming cylinder lining, and heating rings. Some customers will also purchase additional temperature measuring cables and temperature meters.

Screw propeller

The main function of the screw propeller is to drive the raw materials into the forming part of the briquettes extruder. The gap of the screw thread of the screw propeller can determine how much raw material is driven. In the working process, the propeller needs to experience high temperature and high-pressure conditions, so it is very easy to wear.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, the thruster of the biomass briquette machine needs to be repaired once a month. Every time in the process of repairing the propeller, some high-temperature welding rods are needed. These welding rods are all available in the market. Generally, the price of a box of 30KG and a box of welding rods is about 31USD.

Usually, when customers buy sawdust briquette press machines from us, we will recommend customers to buy more screw propellers as replacement parts. In this way, every time the propeller needs to be disassembled and repaired, there is no need to stop the machine and wait. You can directly replace it with a spare thruster and let the machine continue to work.

Replaceable Screw Propellers Of The Briquettes Extruder
replaceable screw propellers of the briquettes extruder

Molding cylinder and molding cylinder lining

The briquette machine's forming cylinder and the inner lining of the forming cylinder are used together. The sawdust briquette machines were purchased by most customers a long time ago, during the sawdust molding process, the internal shape and size of the molding cylinder determine the size of the biomass briquettes.

The friction between the sawdust and the forming barrel is long, the forming barrel is easily deformed, and the cost of replacing the forming barrel by the customer will be higher. In order to solve this problem, we have improved the sawdust briquettes machine after a lot of research and testing.

We added a molding cylinder lining inside the molding cylinder of the machine. In this way, the customer only needs to replace the inner lining when maintaining the forming cylinder. The cost of an inner lining is only 60USD, and the molding cylinder generally does not need to be replaced within 5 years, which greatly reduces the customer's cost of use.

Spare Parts Of Sawdust Briquette Press Machine
spare parts of sawdust briquette press machine

Heating rings

The heating ring plays a role in heat transfer during the processing of sawdust briquettes. When the customer uses the machine, as long as the voltage is stable, will the heating ring generally be damaged? The heating ring needs a stable power supply. We recommend that customers purchase 3-5 sets of wearing parts at one time when purchasing a briquettes extruder machine, which is convenient for use and can also save themselves the cost of repurchase.

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