Biomass briquettes extruder machine is important equipment for processing various types of biomass briquettes. Many factories use this briquettes machine to mass-produce pini kay briquettes, sawdust briquettes, rice husk briquettes, etc. These biomass briquettes can be used as fuel directly, and also can be carbonized into charcoal briquettes.

The structure of the sawdust briquette extruder machine is very delicate and specially designed. Each part of the machine has its specific function.

The main structure of the biomass briquettes extruder machine

The structure of the sawdust briquette extruder machine mainly consists of four parts: the feeding part, the heating part, the forming part, and the PLC controller.

sawdust briquettes making machine
sawdust briquettes making machine

Feeding part

The feed part of the Sawdust briquette machine is mainly a feed hopper and an internal screw propeller. The feeding hopper is in the shape of an awl with a wide top and a narrow bottom, which can ensure that the sawdust and other raw materials fall at a constant speed and prevent clogging.

The screw propeller inside the machine can push the material under the hopper forward and extrude it from the briquettes extruder machine’s molding system. Users can usually feed materials into the sawdust briquette machine in the form of manual feeding and automatic feeding by conveyor.

Heating part

The heating part of the biomass briquettes extruder machine is the core part of the whole machine structure. The heating part mainly consists of heating wires, heating ferrules, and electrical components.

The heating ring is sleeved on the surface of the forming cylinder, which can uniformly heat the sawdust passing through the forming cylinder.

The heating ring has a limited service life, which is a vulnerable part of the briquette machine and needs to be replaced regularly. Therefore, when customers purchase the sawdust briquette machine, they usually purchase multiple sets of heating rings as spares.

Forming part

The molding part of the machine mainly includes a molding cylinder, that is, a molding die. There are many shapes of forming cylinders, usually quadrilateral and hexagonal. Therefore, when users want to process biomass briquettes of different shapes, they only need to replace the forming molds of different shapes.

PLC controller

The electrical control system of the sawdust briquette machine is built-in, and it is fixed on the body. The PLC controller mainly includes power switch, emergency stop button, temperature display, voltmeter, ammeter, etc.