Why is the machine-made charcoal of charcoal making machine so popular now ?

Why is the machine-made charcoal of charcoal making machine so popular now ?

With the improvement of living standard, people pay more and more attention to environmental quality, and their awareness of environmental protection is increasingly strengthened. And each country also rolls out a series of environmental protection policies gradually, strive for the healthy development of natural and ecological environment. Accordingly, the development of environmental protection industry is more and more rapid. Environment-friendly charcoal production industry has gradually aroused social attention, the application of machine-made charcoal is more and more extensive. So, Why is the machine-made charcoal of charcoal making machine so popular now ?

charcoals in carbonization furnace
  • The raw materials for the production of charcoal are very wide and cheap, which can be recycled and utilized from various resources.

We will produce a large amount of household garbage in our daily life, a large part of which can be recycled, such as garbage carbonization. Garbage carbonization is the process of pyrolysis and carbonization of biomass in garbage at high temperature. In the process of carbonization, garbage will be incomplete burned in a low-oxygen environment, thus forming carbon. The carbon can be used as fuel or as a purifying material.

In addition, crop straws, rice husks, fruit husks, coconut husks, sawdust, wood shavings, wood processing scraps, branches and weeds, coal slime and coal ash generated in industrial and agricultural production can be processed into charcoal with high added value in the charcoal production line. Charcoal production can make full use of waste resources, fully realize resource reuse and environmental protection.

  • Charcoal production line has advanced production technology, high production efficiency and large-scale production of charcoal.

Machine-made charcoal production from scratch, and then to the current vigorous development, making charcoal production process more and more mature and perfect. The previous technology for producing machine-made charcoal is backward, low yield, and smoke pollution is serious, leading to people's disapproval of charcoal production. Now, with the progress of science and technology, a series of advanced charcoal production equipment, machine-made charcoal has regained the favor of the market.

Shuliy machinery has collected many years of production experience of charcoal machines, combined with feedback of customers from various countries, produced high-efficiency charcoal production equipment, charcoal production line and full-automatic charcoal production line, with large output, high production efficiency, simple operation and maintenance, good quality of machine-made charcoal, which is well received by users.

  • Machine-made charcoal is widely used, has a good market prospect, and customers have a large investment return.

Machine-made charcoal produced by charcoal production line combustion without smoke and non-toxic, no pungent smell, harmless to the human body, and the machine-made charcoal has high density, high combustion value, combustion time is long. Machine-made charcoal has a very good market prospects mainly lies in its use is very broad.

Machine-made charcoal can be used for barbecue, all kinds of restaurants, household heating, can also be used for heating boiler, metal smelting fuel; Reducing agent for electric furnace smelting; Metal refining is used as a coating agent to protect metals from oxidation. In the chemical industry is often used as raw materials such as carbon disulfide and activated carbon. It can also be used in painting, makeup, medicine, gunpowder, powder alloy and other aspects. Therefore, it is very wise for customers to invest in charcoal production line, it will bring huge economic benefits which is immeasurable.

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