Agriculture is the basis of every country’s development, and it is also an important guarantee for the survival of the people. With the development of agriculture, straw recycling has attracted more and more attention. However, with the transformation of agricultural production mode and the improvement of rural living conditions, the phenomenon of straw being abandoned and burned at will is very serious, which brings a series of environmental pollution and resource waste problems.

Shuliy charcoal machine for making straw charcoal


Accelerating the comprehensive utilization of straw is conducive to alleviating resource tension and environmental pressure, and is of great significance to solving the problem of illegal burning of straw and stabilizing the agricultural ecological balance. Charcoal making machine can be a good choice to make full use of these agricultural materials, and it has become a big trend for investing charcoal making equipment for recycling biomass wastes and make huge profits.

How does the charcoal making machine make charcoal from straw?

continuous carbonizer
continuous carbonizer

Straw as high-quality biomass energy can partially replace and save fossil energy, reduce the dependence on fossil energy. According to the calorific value, 2 tons of straw is equivalent to 1 ton of standard coal. The development and utilization of straw energy can effectively increase the energy supply in rural areas, improve the energy structure and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The charcoal production process mainly includes crushing, drying, briquetting and carbonizing. The straw should be crushed first, and then be dried to reduce the moisture content. Then use the sawdust briquette machine to extrude these crushed materials into pini kay(biomass rods). The last step is to use the carbonization furnace to carbonize the pini kay.

Why charcoal machine is meaningful for agricultural development?

  1. Saving land and recycling biomass resources

Straw is often seasonal, regional, structural surplus, a lot of straw needs to be collected and used. Choose charcoal maker machine for making charcoal can avoid a number of straw occupation of land. Besides, a large quantity of straw can be reused so that can reduce biomass resources waste. Straw carbonization can effectively improve the rural public health environment, increase the income of farmers and improve the quality of life of farmers.

  1. Straw charcoal can improve the soil environment and increase soil fertility

For areas with poor soil, straw charcoal can be processed into fertilizer, which can be used to balance the acidity and alkalinity of the soil, increase the permeability of the soil, and then improve soil fertility and crop yield. Investment in charcoal machine equipment, straw comprehensive utilization, not only can effectively solve the problem of rural surplus labor employment, but also improve the income level of farmers.