Crop straw is very common in the field of agriculture, it is the main sideline products in a large degree of the agricultural production. For a long time, due to the lack of relevant knowledge and technology, a large number of straws in rural areas were not reused, and many farmers adopted the direct burning method to clear the crop straws in the fields. On the one hand, it will cause serious environmental pollution; on the other hand, it is a waste of resources.

Although the country has made very severe punishment measures for burning straw, and has also implemented the ecological concept of returning straw to the field, but a large part of farmers are still not good for straw recycling. Here is a new way for recycling crop straw and making full use of it to make more profits. Straw carbonization furnace can provide you a method to make full use of the crop straw and turn the agricultural wastes into treasures.

How can the straw be carbonized by the straw charcoal making machine?

Crop straw is actually the important resource that we should pay attention to the way about how to use it. Usually, it can be processed into common animal feed such as cattle, sheep and horses. However, for areas with less developed animal husbandry, these large amounts of straw can be made into charcoal. Straw charcoal machine mainly means the straw carbonization furnace which can carbonize the crop straw directly.

As we all know that crop straw has many kinds, like corn straw, cotton stem, wheat straw and so on, which is always of irregular shapes, sizes and different moisture content. Therefore, when we want to make straw charcoal by continuous carbonization furnace, we should do the pretreatment of the raw materials. We can use the crusher to crush the straw into pieces and use the dryer machine to reduce the straw’s moisture content, so that we can increase the carbonization efficiency.

Straw charcoal machine investment advantages:

  1. Making charcoal from straw mainly depends on high temperature carbonizartion to convert straw wastesinto charcoal, combustible gas, wood vinegar and wood tar, which is beneficial for the environment protection when compared with other traditional straw disposal methods.
  2. With a unique flue gas recovery and treatment system, the combustible gas generated in the carbonization process can be recycled as the heat source of the straw carbonization furnace after being filtered, and which can also be transported to the dryer to provide heat source for drying materials.
  3. After the procedures of crushing, drying, high-temperatureand high pressure, oxygen-free carbonizing and pyrolysis, sulfur releasing and carbide collecting, there will be straw charcoal generated in the straw charcoal machine at last. Because of the strong ability of absorption, straw charcoal has wide using ranges in many fields so that it has large utilization value on the market.
  4. With wide applications, the straw carbonization machine also can be used for making coconut shell charcoal, rice husk charcoal, palm kernel shell charcoal, sugarcane bagasse charcoal and other biomass charcoal. You can invest one machine for far more than one kind of charcoal production.

What is the use of straw charcoal?

  1. As the fertilizer for increasing of soil fertility

The straw charcoal has strong power to balance soil acidity and alkalinity and increase the permeability of the soil, so that the soil will be more fertile and increase the crop yield.

  1. As the important industrial raw materials

The straw charcoal can be made into activated carbon and then be processed into all kinds of chemical products.

  1. As the high-quality charcoal for cooking

The carbonized straw is available for banquet and barbecue, which is not only a green fuel but also has high caloric value. Besides, it also can be used for cooking and warming.