Wood shavings are a thin, curly wood material. We can not only make wood shavings by hand but also use an electric wood shavings maker for mass production of wood shavings. Wood shavings usually look very artistic and can be used to make decorations. So in life, what can wood shavings made of wood shavings maker do?

How are wood shavings processed?

In times of economic underdevelopment, wood shavings are usually made with simple tools, which is laborious and extremely inefficient. Now there is various professional shavings production equipment on the market, such as electric wood shaving machines. Wood shaving machines are used to mass-produce thin wood shavings of uniform thickness.

When the machine is working, the wood enters the machine from the feed port and is cut by the blade inside the machine at high speed, and processed into thin slices with a uniform thickness. Users can choose different types of wood shaving machines according to their needs.

high-quality wood shavings
high-quality wood shavings

Main features of the wood shavings made by electric wood shavings maker

The thickness of the shavings produced by the wood shaving makers can be adjusted arbitrarily between 0.1 mm and 0.5 mm. The production of wood shavings does not have any requirements on the type of wood, the size of the wood and the dry humidity of the wood.

What are the uses of wood shavings?

1. Wood shavings can be used to make particle board or plywood. Many of these sheet materials are processed using wood shavings. The texture and aesthetics of the particleboard processed by the wood shavings have a good appreciation value.

2. Wood shavings are also often used as litter in pet and poultry litters. Many customers who buy Shuliy wood shaving maker machine use this equipment to process wood shavings as pet litter. Spreading a layer of wood shavings in the animal’s nest is very helpful for keeping pets. In addition, the use of wood shavings can often be seen in poultry farming, such as raising rabbits and horses.

3. With the rapid development of e-commerce, it is also very common for logistics to choose shavings as bedding when transporting some fragile goods. In addition, shavings can also be used as bioenergy and can be processed into fuel.