As more and more businessmen invest in the bamboo charcoal production business, the demand for bamboo charcoal making machines in the international market is also increasing. Is the bamboo charcoal business really good? Is the profit of bamboo charcoal high? Today, our Shuliy factory uses the production of 1 ton of bamboo charcoal as an example to analyze the profit of the bamboo charcoal business.

Why process bamboo charcoal?

Making bamboo charcoal is a very good industry. Of course, bamboo charcoal production must have sufficient bamboo supply, so the bamboo charcoal processing business should be set up where there is enough bamboo. Increasing bamboo charcoal production can replace charcoal, reduce wood consumption, and protect the ecological environment.

On the other hand, bamboo charcoal can also have ecological functions. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for bamboo charcoal has greatly increased. At present, bamboo charcoal has been used in many fields, such as domestic heating, catering, water purification, and air purification, and other industries.

How to calculate the profit of producing 1 ton of bamboo charcoal?

To understand the profitability of bamboo charcoal processing, you must first know the processing equipment required for bamboo charcoal processing. Because the depreciation of the bamboo charcoal making machine is also the cost of bamboo charcoal production.

Under normal circumstances, the equipment for processing bamboo charcoal includes:

1) Bamboo shredder.

2) Tumble dryer. Bamboo powder drying is a very important part of bamboo charcoal processing and is indispensable. Because under normal circumstances, the bamboo powder used for processing usually contains 20%-30% water. To process bamboo charcoal briquettes, the moisture content of the dried bamboo powder is about 8%-12%. Therefore, bamboo charcoal processing needs to use a dryer.

3) Bamboo sawdust briquette machine. It is impossible for all charcoal plants to lack this molding equipment. As for what type of briquette machine to buy, it depends on the user’s processing output requirements.

4) Carbonization furnace, which is the main machine for producing bamboo charcoal, is used to convert bamboo sawdust briquettes into bamboo charcoal.

bamboo charcoal making machine for sale
bamboo charcoal making machine for sale

In addition, in order to understand the profitability of bamboo charcoal processing, it is also necessary to know the raw material cost of bamboo charcoal. Moso bamboo can be used to make bamboo charcoal, and it is one of the most important raw materials for bamboo charcoal.

At present, the market price of bamboo charcoal products reaches 3800-4800 yuan per ton. The cost of producing one ton of bamboo charcoal is around 800-1200 yuan. If the bamboo charcoal produced by the processor is very high-quality, its processing profit per ton of bamboo charcoal can get around 1800-2100 yuan.