Why Rice Husk Charcoal Can Increase Soil Fertility?

rice husk charcoal production (2)

Rice husk charcoal has a good effect on improving soil fertility. Rice husk carbonization is an emerging industry. By carbonizing waste rice husks, it can turn waste into treasure and produce rice husk charcoal. Rice husk carbonization can use carbonization furnace equipment. Rice husk carbonization machine has the characteristics of energy-saving, environmental protection, and high efficiency, and is more popular in the market.

Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine Supplier
rice husk charcoal making machine supplier

What is Rice Husk Charcoal?

Carbonized rice husk refers to the carbonized material formed by heating rice husk to below its ignition temperature so that it is not fully burned. Rice husk charcoal has the characteristics of lightweight and low thermal conductivity.

Rice Husk Charcoal Making
rice husk charcoal making

Effects of Rice Husk Charcoal on Soil Fertility

Rice husk charcoal has an endothermic effect, which can increase ground temperature and water temperature, promote plant growth and reduce cold damage.

Rice husk charcoal has a loose and porous nature, which can improve soil permeability and increase oxygen supply to plant roots. Rice husk charcoal can also enhance the water retention capacity of sandy soil and reduce dry damage: it can soften clay soil and reduce wet damage.

Rice husk charcoal can help plants absorb water, making leaves thicker and healthier.

Although the content of rice husk charcoal fertilizer is not much, it will promote the effectiveness of P, K, Ca, Mg, especially the amount of P, K dissolution.

Rice Husk Charcoal For Improving Soil Fertility
rice husk charcoal for improving soil fertility

How to produce rice husk charcoal in large quantities?

Today, rice husk carbonization has become a mature industry. Most rice husk charcoal processors use rice husk charcoal making machines to mass-produce rice husk charcoal. This continuous rice husk carbonization furnace can process rice husk charcoal with large output, and the output can be as high as two tons per hour. Moreover, the processed rice husk charcoal does not require prolonged cooling and can be shipped directly.

Applications of rice husk charcoal

The husk is the protective outer skin of the rice. After carbonizing rice husks into charcoal powder, one use is to make toothpaste or tooth powder abrasives. In addition, the chemically activated rice husk charcoal obtained after rice husk carbonization is rich in silicon dioxide, sodium, potassium, and calcium.

Rice husk charcoal can also be used to make activated charcoal facial cleansers. Rice husk charcoal is also of great help to people in industry and agriculture. Rice husk charcoal can be used to generate electricity, and it can also provide fuel for refining new energy.

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