Wood crusher (energy-saving wood pulverizer) is a piece of ideal mechanical equipment for the production of sawdust. It can process wood, branches and other raw materials into sawdust with the advantages of low investment, low energy consumption, and high productivity. It has good economic benefits, convenient use and maintenance, etc. Which is excellent equipment for the production of edible fungi or the production of high-density board raw materials such as particle board and sawdust board?

High-quality wood crusher for sale

The wood pulverizer we Shuliy machinery produce is general-purpose equipment for producing wood powder (sawdust). It is widely used in the preparation of industrial products such as paper making, edible fungi, machine-made charcoal, particle board, sawdust board, high-density board and MDF. Its crushing capacity is much higher than that of traditional wood shredders. However, in actual use, we should pay attention to some correct use methods to reduce production errors.

Precautions about using the wood crusher machine

  1. When processing logs or branches, wood shredders have no requirements for the humidity of the wood, but the humidity of the wood is not too large. If the water content is too large, the structural rigidity of the wood is reduced and it is not easily broken, and the productivity and output of the machine are reduced.
  2. In the use of the wood crusher, it is forbidden to put wood with nails and other metal objects, because the machine uses sharp sharpened blades, and this kind of blade has no problem in cutting wood materials, but if you enter the nails, it will cause damage to the wood shredder and may also occur stuck with the
  3. The maintenance of the wood shredder is calculated according to the number of work hours performed on the wood shredder, that is, each time the machine completes some accumulated work, the parts of the machine need to be maintained. Regular maintenance is required depending on the use of the machine, the material for crushing, and changes in the operating load of the motor.

As for the maintenance of the wood crusher, it is necessary for us to pay attention to its daily work. Don’t use it for a long time without any rest or adjustment. And when there is something wrong with the wood crusher, we should stop it and check even repair it timely, only in this way, can we extend its service life and make more profits for ourselves.