wood crusher video
  1. Many raw materials can be crushed by the crusher, like wood chips, wood blocks, sawdust, straw and all kinds of shells, husks and hulls.
  2. With different requirements for production charcoal, the crusher has all kinds of models and sizes.
  3. Main parts include hammer, cutter shaft, inlet and outlet, simple structure and easy to operate.
  4. Put the wood blocks into the inlet manually.
  5. The inside cutter shaft and hammer crush these wood blocks and sieve out the material with even sizes.
  6. The crushed materials are extracted into the dust collector by the air blower.
  7. Finally, the finished materials are discharged by the dust collector and the next process can go on.
  8. The crusher is always used in charcoal production line.

Wood chips/blocks crusher with good efficiency

Other names

straw crusher; sawdust crusher; coconut husk crusher; Wood crusher; wood chips crusher; wood blocks crusher; Peanut hull crusher; coconut hull crusher; coconut shell crusher;

Corn straw crusher; bagasse crusher; rice straw crusher; bamboo crusher


The wood chips crusher is mainly used for the material with diameter below 25 cm, such as tree branches, wood chips, wood blocks and other materials.

The materials after the crusher blade slices and through hammer pieces into diameter in 5-10 mm, and then through sieve hole into the dust collector. Finally, the finished materials are discharged by the dust collector.

Wood chips/blocks crusher is often used in charcoal production line, match with dryer, sawdust briquette machine and carbonization furnace to produce high quality charcoal.

We have many types crusher to meet your different needs. Different crusher is suitable for different raw materials. Our clients from southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam always buy the full set of charcoal production line to produce charcoal in large scale.