Complete Wood Sawdust Machine Installed in Singapore

complete wood crusher machines in Singapore

Wood sawdust processing machine is the large-scale recycling equipment for all kinds of waste wood. By recycling, a large amount of wood trimmings, old wooden furniture, waste boards, roots, branches, etc. can be processed into sawdust and then used for reprocessing other wood products. The complete set of wood sawdust machines exported from the Shuliy factory to Singapore was installed last month and is now in operation.

Wood Wastes Recycling Plant In Singapore
wood wastes recycling plant in Singapore

Why choose the wood sawdust machine?

The customer who purchased the sawdust machine is a furniture factory owner from Singapore. The Singaporean customer said his factory has a lot of wood waste to recycle every month.

He wanted to buy a sawdust making machine to process the wood waste into sawdust and then reprocess the sawdust.

The wood sawdust making machine can crush all kinds of wood waste into the sawdust of the required size with very high processing efficiency.

Wood Wastes Crushing Plant
wood wastes crushing plant

Components of the complete wood sawdust machines for Singapore

Based on the customer's processing needs, we recommended a wood crushing line with an output of 5 tons per hour of sawdust. The main equipment of this line includes a mesh belt conveyor, hammer mill grinder, bag filter, screw conveyor, and silo.

Among them, the hammer mill is the main machine of the whole processing line, which mainly crushes the wood waste into sawdust. We matched the conveyor with the right length according to the data of the plant area provided by the Singapore customer.

Industrial Wood Sawdust Machine Supplier
industrial wood sawdust machine supplier

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