2T/D BBQ charcoal processing plant was installed in Morocco


The charcoal processing line for processing barbecue charcoal has been installed in Morocco and has been successfully put into production. This BBQ charcoal processing plant processes 2 tons per day and the finished product is oval charcoal. The barbecue charcoal produced by this Moroccan customer is mainly sold to the Middle East.

What is the main equipment of barbecue charcoal processing plant?

Unlike the ordinary charcoal production line, the main forming equipment of the BBQ charcoal processing line is the charcoal ball press machine. In addition, the equipment configuration of the barbecue charcoal production line with different output is also different.

Coal And Charcoal Briquettes Production
coal and charcoal briquettes production

The main equipment of the BBQ charcoal production line includes; carbonization furnace, charcoal pulverizer, wheel mill, double shaft mixer, adhesive mixing tank, conveyor belt (several, according to the output of the production line), ball press machine, continuous drying machine, etc.

Why this Morocco customer chose Shuliy BBQ charcoal processing plant?

The most important reason for customers to invest in barbecue charcoal processing equipment is the large profit margin of their investment. The Moroccan customer ’s hometown is rich in biomass resources, so the number of raw materials used to produce charcoal is large and cheap, and the production cost is low. In addition, according to the customer's survey, the demand for barbecue charcoal in the Middle East is very large.

Charcoal Or Coal Ball Press Machine
charcoal or coal ball press machine

In the process of screening charcoal processing machine manufacturers, the Moroccan customer stated that Shuliy machinery gave him the most help, so he was happy to cooperate with us. In the process of discussing barbecue charcoal processing equipment with this Moroccan customer, we provided a large number of production videos and operation videos and shared many real customer cases.

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2 comments on “2T/D BBQ charcoal processing plant was installed in Morocco”

  1. Dear Sir ; My hometown/land is also rich in biomass resources ,different type of raw materials are available .also high demand for charcoal in every household for house hold use cooking.
    But my question is for which type of raw material is your machine most fitted? Is the production process require a specific raw material ? or can be used for various types (mixed ) raw materials (the main ones) in one production process ? Could you please list a few types of main raw materials excluding additives (from the best to downwards) ?
    I want to see the feasibility of the business specifically in selecting the investment area (place) in relation to the accessibility of raw materials.
    Further more ; i need your response on the FOB price (at port of delivery) of the machine with the capacity of 5 -10 ton/day ; including the cost of installation & technical support until commissioning.
    Since I am currently engaged in coal mining business -a huge amount of coal dust is being wasted ; hence; i also asking your support for sharing the technical details of the production of Lignite/ coal Briquette ,(using magnesium oxide & magnesium chloride as binding ) ; and the FoB price of the machinery if it require a separate production line with similar capacity.
    With Regards;

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