Nowadays, many countries have increased the urbanization speed for their comprehensive development, therefore, the modern lifestyle and catering industry is undergoing great changes. More and more people begin to choose fast food and have dinner in a simple way in many places.

The great demand for supplying bbq charcoal to the international market

In recent years, the barbecue industry has been booming, especially in each summer, people like to have a barbecue together with their friends and family when they got off work. They all think that it’s a perfect way to relax and restore energy for a new day.

Therefore, the demand for bbq charcoal has increased greatly. Especially in the Middle East countries where people love to eat all kinds of barbecue. Many people have noticed the great market potential of bbq charcoal so that they want to know how to make bbq charcoal and how to start their bbq charcoal business.

How to make bbq charcoal by charcoal briquette machine?

To make bbq charcoal you should choose the good quality charcoal briquette machine and reliable charcoal machine manufacturer firstly. Our Shuliy machinery has been the professional charcoal machine manufacturer for over 20 years. We have provided our clients with so many charcoal machines that we have the ability and technology to give you the most professional guidance if you want to begin your charcoal business.

We can customize the specific charcoal making machine you need. There are all kinds of charcoal briquette machines with different types and models in our charcoal machine factory for sale. The main types include charcoal ball press machine, shisha charcoal tablet press machine, charcoal or coal briquette machine and so on.

Charcoal making machine for bbq charcoal

This type of charcoal machine is mainly used to produce the shisha charcoal with round, oval and pillow shape. The purpose of the briquette press machine is to reduce dust, control volume-weight, improve transport characters and recycle materials. Briquette press machine has advanced technology and reliable quality.

It is suitable for a large, medium and small factory to build large scale production line of the charcoal ball or coal ball. Besides, this charcoal ball press machine has a wide usage, which can also be used in many fields. The coal powder, coke fines, charcoal powder, iron ore fines, and mineral powder, waste metal powder, and refractory material can also be pressed into ball or pillow shape in this briquette machine.

How does the charcoal ball press machine work?

The charcoal ball press machine is the main equipment for making bbq charcoal, the structure of which includes feeding part, driving part and briquettes molding part (main body). The following is the detailed introduction of each part of the charcoal making machine.

Feeding Part

The feeding part of the charcoal briquette machine is mainly used to achieve ration feeding so as to ensure that the charcoal or coal powder can be fed into the rollers uniformly. Specifically, the screw feeder which is driven by the electromagnetic motor can deliver the powdery materials into the forming space by means of the belt pulley and worm reducer. The motor can keep constant feeding so that can ensure stable briquette quality of the charcoal or coal ball.

Driving Part

The main driving system of the charcoal ball press machine is composed of a motor, triangle belt, reducer, exposed gear, and rollers. The power generated by the electromagnetic speed-adjustable motor transmits to the driving shaft through belt pulley, and the driving shaft will turn synchronously with the driven shaft by the exposed gear.

Briquettes Molding Part

The core of the briquettes molding part is the rollers which are set in pairs inside the charcoal making machine. Through rollers, the powdery materials can be compressed into briquettes with various shapes like a pillow, round and oval. In addition, the rollers feature overload protection, hence keeping the sound quality.

Hexagonal charcoal briquettes making machine video

Features of the charcoal ball press machine:

  1. Strong and stable structure, easy operation, and maintenance easily.
  2. Eco-Friendly: less smoke, no pollution, high density, and high hardness.
  3. Economical: Saves time and money, fewer labor costs.
  4. The final charcoal or coal ball has a high density and high hardness.
  5. The machine can be only one main machine, or with the matched equipment to do large-scale production of bbq charcoal.
  6. The output of the charcoal ball press machine can reach 1-30t/h, the customer can choose the suitable model for their production of bbq charcoal.