Charcoal processing equipment can not only recycle a large amount of biomass waste into charcoal with high added value but also enable charcoal processors to obtain greater economic benefits. Recently, we exported a full set of charcoal production lines to Guinea, with an output of about 5 tons per day. The 5t/d charcoal plant mainly includes crushers, dryers, 5 sawdust briquette machines, 5 hoisting charcoal furnaces, and flue gas purification equipment.

carbonization furnaces
carbonization furnaces

Why does the Guinean customer choose the Shuliy charcoal machine?

The Guinean client stated that there have been many charcoal processing businesses in his local area in recent years. In particular, many investors from European and American countries have built factories to produce charcoal for export.

The client has a lot of local biomass resources that can be used to produce high-quality charcoal, such as hardwood, pine, etc. The client said that instead of going to work in foreign factories, it is better to become a boss to produce charcoal because it can make more profits.

Considering that investing in the charcoal business requires a certain amount of funds, such as purchasing charcoal equipment and hiring workers, the Guinean customer applied for loans and government subsidies from the local bank in advance.

Details of the Guinea order for 5t/d charcoal plant

The Guinea customer’s demand for charcoal production is 5-10 tons per day. Our sales manager and engineer designed a charcoal production plan of 10 tons per day and a specific quotation for him. Due to the limited investment budget, the customer expressed the need to reduce production. Therefore, our factory re-established a 5 tons per day charcoal production line for him.

The main equipment of this charcoal processing plant with an output of 5 tons per day includes large wood shredders, sawdust dryers, 5 sawdust briquette machines, and 5 hoisting carbonization furnaces (each carbonization furnace contains 3 replaceable inner tanks) ), flue gas evolution equipment, etc.

Order list of the Guinea charcoal processing plant

1Drum wood chipper
drum wood chipper
Model: SL-600A
Power: 55+3+3kw
Rotor diameter: 650mm
Feed size: 260*540mm
Weight: 4300kg
Dimension: 2600*2000*1700mm
2Feeding conveyor
belt conveyor   
Model: 800
Power: 3kw 
wood chips crusher
Model: SL-1300
Power: 110+3+7.5kw
Capacity: 3-4t per hour 
4Discharge conveyor
belt conveyor 
Model: 600
Power: 3kw 
5Screening machine
sawdust screening machine 
Model: 900
Power: 2.2kw 
6Screw conveyor
screw conveyor 
Model: 320
Power: 4kw 
7Drying machine
rotary dryer
8Air cooler
air cooling machine  
9Feeding screw conveyor
screw conveyor 
Power:4kw 1
Power: 3kw
Dimension: 4800*550*2400mm
10Sawdust briquette machine
sawdust briquette machine 
Model: SL-50
Capacity: 200-250kg/h 
11Mesh belt conveyor
mesh belt conveyor 
12Smoke exhaust hood
flue gas collector
For 5 sets briquette machines
13Carbonization furnace
carbonization furnace
14Inner stove
inner stove 
15Purifying facility
flue gas purification device
One piece of 1.5m diameter spray;4 pieces of 1m condensers;60 pieces of static 219 pipes,1 piece of generator1
16Electric control cabinet
PLC controller
Parameters Table