With the application of charcoal more and more widely, many domestic and foreign customers choose to carry out the briquette charcoal business. Then why should we carry out the production of charcoal briquettes instead of the direct production of natural wood charcoal? What are the advantages of producing briquette charcoal?

briquette charcoal making
briquette charcoal making

Advantages of making briquette charcoal

Provide huge heat instead of burning coal. The burning of scattered coal is the main cause of smog. Inferior loose coal will release a large amount of sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, smoke, and radioactive dust during the combustion process. After people inhale these substances, they will directly endanger their health, lead to the formation of respiratory and cardiovascular, and cerebrovascular diseases, and even lead to the occurrence of serious diseases such as lung cancer.

Compared with loose coal, charcoal briquettes have many advantages such as environmental protection and energy saving. Briquettes charcoal has high combustion efficiency, its combustion efficiency is 50% higher than that of coal, and its combustion residue rate is low.

Briquettes charcoal helps to reduce environmental pollution. After repeated tests and comparisons, compared with using coal as fuel, briquette charcoal can reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by about 40%-60%, nitrogen dioxide emissions by about 40%, smoke and dust emissions by 60%, and strong carcinogens by 50%. Above, it can also reduce the emission of solid dust at the same time, both PM10 and PM2.5 can be reduced by about 90%, which has an obvious environmental protection effect.

Briquette charcoal business can recycle a lot of biomass waste. The raw materials used to produce charcoal briquettes are common and cheap, such as rice husks, corn stalks, corn cobs, peanut shells, tree roots, branches, rice straw, coconut shells, sawdust, etc. Therefore, the cost of raw materials for the production of briquettes charcoal is lower. Regenerated biomass resources can also be recovered.

We can use different briquette charcoal forming machines to produce charcoal briquettes of different specifications. With the development of industrial technology, various briquette charcoal machines are applied to charcoal production. Therefore, we can see that there are various specifications of charcoal briquettes in the market, such as charcoal balls, charcoal rods, hexagonal charcoal, square charcoal, honeycomb charcoal, etc. Different briquette charcoal have different uses and prices.