charcoal briquettes dryer machine/shisha BBQ charcoal dryer

dryer machine for shisha charcoal
dryer machine for shisha charcoal

Hookah charcoal dryer or bbq charcoal dryer is the ideal equipment for the quick drying of the shisha/hookah charcoal or barbecue charcoal briquettes, which also named charcoal drying box or charcoal dryer room. The charcoal dryer machine is very suitable for the commercial charcoal production line to make charcoal in large quantities.

Besides, this dryer machine is made of the 304 stainless steel so that it can also be used to dry all kinds of the fruits and vegetables like date, pepper, carrot, bean, garlic, longan, agaric, hawthorn, mushroom and so on. And the scented tea materials like chrysanthemum, lemon, rose, etc. and Chinese herbal medicine like ginseng can also be dried by this drying machine.

charcoal drying room
charcoal drying room

Brief introduction of the hookah charcoal briquettes dryer machine

This box-type charcoal or coal briquettes drying machine is mainly used for dry high moisture materials to a suitable moisture, achieve the maximum use-value of the material. The drying machine is widely used for drying of charcoal or coal ball, shisha or hookah charcoal briquettes, coal rod and so on.

The drying machine adopts a fully enclosed structure and the hot air circulates in the box, which can shorten the drying time of the materials and ensures the product quality. Generally, the dryer machine can reduce the materials’ moisture content from 40% to 8% during about 7-8 hours. And the machine has the features of easy installation, convenient demolition and relocation, and less floor space.

Working principle of the BBQ charcoal drying machine

The outside part of the shisha charcoal briquettes dryer is specially designed with three layers. Its outer material is galvanized steel plate and the internal is polyurethane, which has good heat insulation and heat preservation effect. The temperature control system can be designed with two types: one is the simple electricity cabinet with several buttons to control the power and the inner temperature of the dryer; the other one with the PLC control screen is very convenient for automatic control of the dryer.

The dryer room details
The dryer room details

There is the heat pump outside the drying box for making the hot air for drying. The inner structure of the dryer machine includes the fan, special drying carts and drying trays. The fan also has two types in this drying machine, one kind is for blowing the hot air into the room evenly, and the other is always set on the top of the room for extracting the moisture of the materials. The drying carts is just a very simple frame with layers and wheels that can be moved easily in the drying room. The drying trays are always made of the stainless steel so that they are very suitable for drying the shisha charcoal or bbq charcoal briquettes because the stainless steel will not be stuck by the charcoal when drying.

Main advantages of the shisha charcoal dryer machine

  1. The charcoal dryer machine is very easy for installation and maintenance with a simple structure. Its size can be customized according to customers’requirements about the output.
  2. The temperature of the inner dryer room can be set and adjusted according to the materials’moisture content.
  3. The dryer room walls are made of heat insulation board, and the inner heat insulation cotton material is very special, which can effectively reduce heat emission.
  4. Except for drying the shisha/hookah charcoal and charcoal or coal ball, this drying machine can also be widely used for drying fruits and vegetables in large scale.
  5. Low investment, fast-drying speed, and high evaporation intensity.High working efficiency, large output, and good product quality.

Charcoal dryer machine technical parameters

Model Dimensions(mm) Number of hot air fans(1 set/0.58KW) Number of moisture extracting fans(1 set/0.12KW) Induced draft fan(1 set/0.37KW) Drying carts(group) Amount of drying(each time/kg)
SL-2 4000*1600*2500 4 2 1 2 600
SL-4 6000*1600*2500 4 2 1 4 1200
SL-6 7200*2300*2500 6 2 1 6 1800
SL-8 8800*2300*2500 6 2 1 8 2400

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