The mesh belt dryer is a piece of ordinary continuous drying equipment. It is widely used in the chemical industry, foodstuff industry, pharmaceutical industry, construction materials industry, electronic industry, and so on.

Especially it is suitable for drying all kinds of vegetables and fruits, rice, herbs, and so on, which are of good air permeability and have the shape of pieces, strips, or granules. It is also possible to dry the charcoal briquettes like shisha or hookah charcoal and barbecue charcoal which are produced by the charcoal briquette machine or the charcoal ball press machine.


The raw material can be spread on the conveyor belt through a suitable mechanism such as start distributor and vibrating belt. The conveyor belt will pass the channel that consists of one or several drying units.

Each drying unit is equipped with an air heating and circulating system, and each drying unit has one or several dehumidification systems. The hot air will move up and down for drying the materials at an even speed when the conveyor belt passes through.

mesh belt dryer
mesh belt dryer

The main structure and working principle of the mesh belt dryer

The belt dryer can also be used for the drying of rhubarb, salvia, ginseng, medlar, and other Chinese herbal medicines. It is also suitable for dried bamboo shoots, fungi, garlic, flowers, dried fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, corn, peas, beans, coconuts. Drying of agricultural and sideline products such as betel nut and fungus. At that time, you only need to set the drying temperature and humidity according to the actual situation. We can also tailor the drying process according to the customer’s actual production situation.

As for the charcoal production line, especially for the shisha charcoal and bbq charcoal or coal ball, the mesh belt dryer also has a unique drying effect. The mesh belt dryer mainly delivers the pressed finished charcoal bars or charcoal or coal balls directly to the flat conveyor through the conveyor. The finished products are evenly distributed on the dryer through the scraper at the upper end of the flat conveyor to improve the air permeability of the balls and achieve the drying effect.

The main working principle of the mesh belt dryer is to evenly spread the material on the mesh belt, and drag by the transmission device in the dryer to move back and forth. Hot air flows through the materials, and water vapor is discharged from the wet hole, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. The mesh belt is made of a 12-60 wire mesh belt, and the box length is composed of standard sections. In order to save the site, the dryer can be made into multi-layer, the common ones are two rooms with three floors and two rooms with five floors, the length is 6-40m, and the effective width is 0.6-3.0m.

Materials do into the dryer from the head slowly through drying. The mesh belt speed can be determined according to the type of material and its water content. The airflow in the dryer adopts negative pressure and porous air intake, which can ensure the effective drying area, evenly distribute the wind speed in the airflow and improve the drying effect. In order to get the best drying effect and the appropriate output, the material moisture content, the speed of the mesh belt, air volume and air temperature must be in an appropriate, reasonable and organic combination.

Advantages of the mesh belt dryer for charcoal briquettes

  1. The mesh belt dryer can adjust the residence time and feeding speed of materials to achieve the best drying effect.
  2. Flexible equipment configuration. Mesh belt dryers can use a mesh belt washing system and material cooling system, drying efficiency is higher.
  3. Mesh belt dryers can use most of the air circulation, highly energy-saving.
  4. Dryer unique air distribution device, so that the hot air distribution is more even, to ensure the consistency of product quality.
  5. The heat source can be steam, heat conduction oil, hot air stove, or gas stove.

Technical parameters of the charcoal dryer

Width of Belt600mm800mm1000mm1200mm1600mm2000mm2400mm3000mm
Length of Drying Section6-126-126-168-168-2210-2612-3012-40
Length of Feeding Section111111.51.52
Length of Transmitting Section111111.51.52
Drying Area3.6-36㎡4.8-48 ㎡6-80 ㎡7.2-96㎡12.8-105.6 ㎡20-260㎡28.8-360 ㎡36-600 ㎡
Unit Number1-5
Interlamellar Spacing400-600 mm
Carrying Capacity90-200 kg/㎡
Temperaturecarbon steel≤400 C°, stainless steel≤600 C°
Heat sourcehardwood, electricity, steam
Running speed0.06-1m/min
Transmission power1.1-2.2 kW1.1-2.2 kW1.1-2.2 kW1.1-3kw1.5-3 kW1.5-4 kW3-7.5 kW5-11 kW
Matching equipmentconveying equipment, air heating furnace, dust removing equipment, draught fan, etc