In addition to the traditional method of making charcoal from earth kilns, most modern charcoal processing equipment is used to make charcoal. Such as the use of charcoal making machines to produce hardwood charcoal, bamboo charcoal, coconut husk charcoal, rice husk charcoal, and so on. In Kenya, people mainly use charcoal making machines to process various types of coconut shell charcoal.

Current status of charcoal production in Kenya

At present, with the continuous import of various charcoal making machines, Kenya’s charcoal production industry is developing rapidly. It is understood that many charcoal processors in Kenya are mainly processing coconut shell charcoal.

They use a carbonization furnace to make a large amount of coconut shell into coconut shell charcoal and then deep-process the coconut shell charcoal into various types of barbecue charcoal, hookah charcoal, etc.

Charcoal making machine price in Kenya

Whether in Kenya or elsewhere in Africa, the production of charcoal requires the help of certain charcoal processing equipment. At present, most countries in Africa do not have professional charcoal machine manufacturers and suppliers, so a large number of charcoal making machines can only rely on imports.

Therefore, when importing charcoal equipment, the price of charcoal making machines is often the most concerned issue for many buyers. So, how is the charcoal making machine price in Kenya? In fact, the price of charcoal making machine is determined by many factors.

charcoal making machine manufacturer
charcoal making machine manufacturer

Factors that affecting the charcoal making machine price in Kenya

First of all, the prices of charcoal machines provided by different charcoal machine manufacturers are different. At present, the world’s major charcoal machine manufacturers are all located in China, but the prices of their charcoal machines are not the same.

This is because the structure, performance, and production capacity of charcoal processing equipment designed by different manufacturers are different. Moreover, the processing materials used by different manufacturers to make charcoal equipment are also different. Therefore, different charcoal machine manufacturers have different charcoal processing.

Secondly, the price of charcoal machines is different based on the needs of different customers. This is mainly due to the different processing needs of different charcoal machine buyers.

For example, some customers only want to process hardwood charcoal, so they may only need to buy a carbonization furnace. And some customers need to process sawdust charcoal, so in addition to buying a charcoal furnace, they also need to buy a sawdust making machine, sawdust dryer, sawdust briquettes extruder, etc.