Commercial palm tree shredders can help recycle palm waste. Recently, a Malaysian customer ordered a palm branch shredder driven by a diesel engine with a processing capacity of 1 ton/h from our Shuliy factory. This Malaysian customer mainly uses this shredder machine for shredding and recycling palm branches and palm leaves.

palm tree shredder machine for shipping to Malaysia
palm tree shredder machine for shipping to Malaysia

Why choose to buy a palm tree shredder to Malaysia?

The Malaysian client has a palm tree plantation locally. Their regular pruning and maintenance of palm trees will generate a lot of palm waste. And these palm wastes need to be further recycled so as not to occupy a lot of lands.

The Malaysian customer wants to buy an efficient shredder for shredding palm leaves and branches. Crushed palm leaves can be used as cattle feed. The sawdust formed after crushing palm branches is also widely used, such as processing biomass fuel particles, processing plywood, and so on.

What does this Malaysian customer care about most about the palm tree shredder?

The palm tree crusher in our factory can crush various raw materials, and the crushing fineness of the machine can be adjusted by changing the screens of different sizes. The Malaysian customer is very satisfied with the price and output of the palm tree shredder recommended by us.

However, the customer is not sure whether our pulverizer can be processed to meet the finished product size he needs. The customer said that the palm leaf chips processed by his factory are mainly used to feed cattle. If the size of the crushed leaves is too large, it is not conducive to the digestion of cattle, and it is easy to cause damage to the stomach of cattle.

In order to dispel the customer’s doubts, we asked the customer to send us his raw material samples, and then used the samples for testing. We shot a complete test video for this customer and measured the size of the crushed palm leaves. The test results fully meet the needs of customers.

Parameters of the palm tree shredder for Malaysia

Inlet diameter(mm)160*160
Matching diesel engine(hp)20
palm tree shredder parameters