Biomass fuel briquettes are a new type of fuel that is environmentally friendly, clean, and renewable. The reason why this biomass fuel is so popular now is not only because of its low processing cost, which can save a lot of biomass resources but also because of its advantages such as ease to use, high calorific value, and long burning time.

What are biomass fuel briquettes?

Biomass fuel is the abbreviation of biomass solid-forming fuel. Biomass fuel briquettes are also called straw coal. This new type of biomass fuel is a modern and clean fuel that uses new technology and special equipment to compress and shape various crop stalks, wood chips, sawdust, peanut shells, corn cobs, rice straw, wheat straw, wheat bran, and tree branches. This kind of biomass pellet fuel does not need any additives or binders.

sawdust briquettes making
sawdust briquettes making

The production of biomass fuel can not only solve the basic living energy of rural areas and improve farmers’ income but also is an emerging special fuel for biomass power generation. It can also be used directly on traditional coal-fired boiler equipment in cities and can replace traditional coal.

According to the forecast of the International Renewable Energy Organization, the underground oil, natural gas, and coal reserves, according to the current exploitation rate are only enough to use for about 60 years.

biomass fuel pellets
biomass fuel pellets

Therefore, the straw class biomass energy is the future of renewable. An important development direction of energy. With the world’s energy scarcity, the market demand and profit space of biomass fuel will be immeasurable.

Reference to the technical parameters of biomass fuel briquettes

Biomass fuel briquettes made of straw as the main raw material:
Density: 700- -1400 kg/m3
Ash: 1 – -20 %
Moisture: 15 %
Calorific value: 3700- 4500 calories/kg
Note: The calorific value of biomass fuel varies depending on the raw material used for processing.
Take corn stover as an example: the calorific value is about 0.7-0.8 times that of coal, i.e. 1.25t of corn stover made into biomass fuel blocks is equivalent to the calorific value of 1t of coal. The combustion efficiency of corn straw-formed fuel block in the supporting biomass combustion furnace is 1.3~1.5 times that of the coal-fired boiler, so the heat utilization rate of 1t of corn straw-formed fuel block is equivalent to that of 1t of coal.

Shuliy biomass briquette extruders for sale
Shuliy biomass briquette extruders for sale