The hoisting airflow carbonization furnace is currently the most common environmentally friendly charcoal processing equipment. This new type of log charcoal making machine has a large output, low pollution, and simple operation. It is an ideal choice for many charcoal processors. The small carbonization furnace we recently exported to Italy has been installed and used, and customer feedback is very good.

What is a hoisting carbonization furnace?

The hoisting carbonization furnace is actually only a kind of carbonization furnace, also called an airflow carbonization furnace. When using this kind of carbonization furnace, the way the material enters and exits requires the help of a hanging frame. This kind of hoisting carbonization furnace can usually be equipped with multiple replaceable carbonization inner tanks.

complete airflow hoisting carbonization furnace
complete airflow hoisting carbonization furnace

In the process of producing charcoal, when the wood in a furnace is carbonized, we can use a crane to take out the inner tank of the carbonization furnace and place it aside for cooling. In addition, we can put another liner filled with raw materials in the carbonization furnace to work.

Main features of the airflow hoisting carbonization furnace

This kind of hoisting charcoal furnace is welcomed by many charcoal processors because of its simple operation and large output. At present, we have exported this commercial carbonization furnace to many countries, such as India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Somalia, Germany, France, the United States, Chile, etc.

inner stoves of carbonization furnace
inner stoves of carbonization furnace

Main advantages:

  1. Wide range of applications. The hoisting carbonization furnace can be used to produce various charcoal products. All kinds of logs, palm trees, pine, hardwood, shrubs, wood processing leftovers, branches, bamboo, coconut shells, straws, etc. can all be processed in this carbonization furnace.
  2. Large output and simple operation. This hoisting charcoal furnace can be equipped with multiple inner tanks, therefore, the charcoal can be taken out and cooled during the charcoal production process, and the continuous production of charcoal is not affected. Greatly saved cooling time and improved charcoal production efficiency. In addition, the use of hoisting methods to control the in and out of materials can avoid burns to workers and ensure the safety of the production process.
  3. Save fuel and reduce production costs. The combustible gas generated during the carbonization process of the hoisting carbonization furnace can be collected and used as recyclable fuel in the furnace body. This can greatly reduce the fuel costs for processors.

Details of the Italy order of hoisting carbonization furnace

This Italian customer is the first time to come into contact with the charcoal processing business, so he knows little about the charcoal production process. Our sales manager spent a week giving the customer a detailed introduction to the structure and performance of the carbonization furnace, and how to use the carbonization furnace to produce high-quality charcoal. The Italian customer was very satisfied with the knowledge-based assistance we provided.

The client’s farm has many palm trees, and he wants to process these biomass resources into charcoal and sell them to nearby villages and towns. According to the customer’s processing needs, we recommended a small hoisting carbonization furnace for him. The output of each batch of this carbonization furnace is 500-600kg, and the carbonization time of each batch is about 6-8 hours. In addition, in order to improve production efficiency, we also recommend that customers purchase two replaceable inner tanks.